Time lapse of a baby playing with his toys

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Time laps of Charles-Edward, my 9 month old son, playing with his toys and creating chaos in the dinning room. http://www.francisvachon.com PS: the song is “…


MrGamingPineapple says:

it seemed he was having a seizure

Darcy137 says:

lol i think that mat is useless

Manzzz1989 says:

So much energy!

Melzed Celiz says:

I like the sound dude…

Luis Suarez says:


Paulina Stefanova says:

Super funny! :)

Jared Yu says:

That’s a messy baby

jean francois says:

Ohaa, c’est génial il a vraiment touché à tout!!!

Elizabeth W says:

By about 1:30 I just kept thinking, “Wow, kids really do have to touch absolutely everything!”

KinDzaDza123123 says:

Anyone, please call exorcist!!


Cdp <3

Bryce Gunning says:

what software? my timelapse is soo choppy in comparison

anythingnew says:

IT’s like a worm! lol

123459543211 says:

aww so cute!!

Albert Hoekstra says:

Very nice! What was the photo interval for this beautiful timelapse?

Gourav Soni says:

killer video man. just awesome. so adorable.
technology meeting little twister.
that little Swirling angel is Really Cute.
But Please, dont ever show this video to a Man
scared of having babies.
He will be scared to death. 😉

KimmyRose12 says:

Can’t leave the little guy alone for a nanosecond.

Jack Cousins says:

I love 1:50 to 1:57 when he’s looking in the mirror.

Lala Chich says:

he traveled every inch of that room

Iamatheist1234 says:

I was stressing about my project, thanks for the distraction, I feel a little better now.

HoneyChild says:

he is so serious about his playtime lol. all over the place and didnt leave not one toy unturned.

GablesHorse says:

Awww :) Love the song btw

Sniearrs says:

It amuses me, him just rolling around

terapeutainfantil says:

Es precioso, y es lo que todo bebe debe hacer desde los 3 a los 15 meses de vida, jugar en el suelo. FELICIDADES!!!!! El niño se desarrolla en el movimiento.

Jift McGee says:

where are his parents..

FrancisVachon says:

worse ;)

zr1100c3 says:

Holy crap. What was he like after he started walking?

gateboy9 says:


FukushuX says:

This is awsome.

maksphoto78 says:

how is this fake?

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