Dog Surprises Officer After Being Freed From A Fence

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Via BuzzFeed


jody024 says:

well he seemed happy to sit in the car heheh Respect for the officer !

Austin Vine says:


Kc Alex says:

he said his name. Nick Sheppard.

Cheryl p says:

This is just amazing… I wonder if he kept the dog? He knew who he could trust the poor thing

MikazukiRyu says:

They say it’s not the person who picks the pet but the pet that picks the person.

Brandon Sherman says:

The dog was returned a short time later to its owners. Nick is a great guy and still works with us.

Brandon Sherman says:

I don’t know who Matt Stopera is but he obviously likes to post other peoples videos. This is a video from our department where I work in Plattsburg, MO with Officer Nick Sheppard. This video was actually shot using our Vidmic’s. The dog was returned a short time later to its owners and was just fine. You can check us out on our Facebook page, Plattsburg Police Department.

MrMatthiasSchneider says:

Plattsburgh Police? If that’s Plattsburgh, NY, that officer sure has a funny accent!

2002puravida says:

I bet I could say exactly what happened— The dog was able to smell the officer when he was closeby. Officer frees dog, dog is super grateful. Dog can smell where the officer came from. Car smells like officer. “This is where I’ll sit and wait.” XD

sophieh634 says:

awwww the most sweetest thing ever

peter blundell says:

Hope this dog was not a stray, bt if this dog was a stray, hope this rescue guy adoped the dog coz its a clear sign this dog has chosen its owner :) he or she jumped into your car knew u love animals wanted to be adopted by u, either way hope this amazing dog went to a happy home

Austin Fidler says:

It wasn’t a comment it was a reply to a comment I saw and I simply put my 2 cents in..

Austin Fidler says:

Finally.. This is exactly what I mean.. I’m not out here saying, “Fuck the police, all of those faggots can suck a dick and die.” I just said most of them are D bags and abuse power and feel 1,000,000 feet above everyone so they feel that they have no reason to respect you, but you very damn well respect them.. And I say fuck that.. But then again there are some really good cops out there as well.

Austin Fidler says:

Dude i’m not a prick to anyone.. I’m only 17 and I treat everyone that I meet with the same level of respect, until they lose it or gain it.. You don’t see me getting all angry on youtube and cussing people out on here.. It was simply a statement from my own observations and self experiences.. I didn’t just type this up out of nowhere with no background knowledge or experience with the law myself..

Austin Fidler says:

I don’t understand why i’m getting so many negative replies and messages from this comment.. The one’s who disagree must live in small town areas where everyone knows everyone.. But I live in a big city where police officers, (most), don’t give two fucks about you.. I live in Jacksonville FL, which is the biggest city in the entire United States..

lili dew says:

Deputy Dawg!

brandie1ify says:

Total gorgeousness !! :)

SirArx says:

Seriously? No Commander Shepherd comments?

tryVUK says:

Somebody has a new dog.

MsNimcat says:

If you really think that, you’re very naive…

MyDogBrownie1 says:

I once helped a stray kitten who had got its head stuck in the hole of a chain link fence. Silly little thing… she wasn’t hurt, just scared. I only got to know her for 1 day, as we had moved the day after. I hope she is still alive and well. I wonder how the dog got his foot caught like that? lol

Golden RUsk says:

most cops is a bit of a general statement…..

Matthew Mossop says:

Did you not see that he helped the dog?

Touya Dono says:

I bet he adopted it!

Louise Stastny says:

The basis of this video is about the DOG and someone who helped him. It has nothing to do with whether cops are good or bad. Let’s remember to be “kind to our smaller brethren” ( Pope John Paul )

Thomas Kranz says:

next time put the camera away and help this dog or i beat the shit out of you

Josh Wellesly says:

its the nature and pay of the job. attracts d bags. some r great ppl

ebubekir inanç says:

This made my day

levilynn2 says:

That was pretty awesome

starlatina1 says:

This is so amazing ! This little dog knew this police officer was a true kind human being. God Bless :) 

Matthew Barnett says:

its the cops that over use there power there the fuck heads

md20gm says:

Stop shaking the potato!

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