bully beatdown “andrew”

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bully beat down because of youtube’s TOS the new one got taken down sorry :( 2000000 views!!! O.O if you want to know the bullys fight theme is kick in the…


David McCann says:

“The poison has left my body. I’m going back to the kitchen.”
Lol’d so hard


Jason is one of my idols to keep boxing

Pavel Lug says:


Supermanu15 says:

still love the surprise that the host is taking him on himself haha caught me by surprise coz he doesnt look like the fighter type

XxLaUr3nZzZxX says:

This is so stupidly staged.

Supermanu15 says:

staged, who the hell dates somebody who bullies your sibling? wtf

Themanu2222ful says:

This dude is soo funy! 

ger gammell says:

kill that bullie bullies are only muppets
a kick into the stones and a uppercut under the chin
nighty night 

mbs100k says:

gee, the only thing missing from this fake scripted bulll, are the idiots yelling “springer”. This is totally for stupid ppl. My God, Americas gotta freakin stupid.

Derek Prell says:

lol no hes just crazy af

Lucero0709 says:

I dont know anything about this guy or really much about the show.
Is the host gay?

Justin Thrasher says:

You obviously dont understand that this show is staged. Along with every other show on MTV

Justin Thrasher says:

Every show on MTV these days is staged…Including this one.

shibbyobibbyo says:

But he didnt, he stayed there, even when he knew he was going to lose. To me thats admirable.

Im not saying bullying is not wrong, but it is the societies way of sorting the weak&cowardly from the strong&brave. If you fight back, no one is going to want to bully you.

Michael Eising says:

You obviously dont understand the show, The bully had been beating these guys up for years it just showed him what he had been doing, The bully can back out at any time.

Alexander Osborn says:

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shibbyobibbyo says:

Well the scrawny dude should stop being a bitch and learn to take care of his own problems. Perhaps he should have spent a little more time at the gym and a little less whacking it to WoW-characters. At least the bully had the balls to get in the ring.

There is nothing wrong with receiving a little asskicking, it makes you realize you’re a weakling and its time to do something about it. People dont get strong by accident, it takes hard work.

James wordy says:

its not “unfair” the bully new he was going against a MMA fighter and they match weight up. now tell me where’s the unfairness? bully beating down on some scrawny dudes is Unfair.

bdgil1 says:

“Man that doesnt feel good”
Yeah no shit.

ThorOdinson14 says:

Note to kids under 18 being bullied. Here’s what you do: The bully is obviously bigger than you and in a fair, toe-to-toe, fight, he’d win every time. Pack your backpack or bookbag full of bricks on a Thursday night and that Friday, you come up behind him and lay into the back of his head before he can ever react. You keep bringing that backpack/bookbag full of bricks on top that sack of shit until they pull you off. When you turn 18, it goes off your record, but he’s still paralyzed.

pinballarn2 says:

He sounds pretty smart :) think hes good in school too

shibbyobibbyo says:

to another douchebag

bdgil1 says:

Says the douchebag.

shibbyobibbyo says:

Hahahah so fucking fake. I hope in the next episode they beat the shit out of the guy in white, that fight was totally unfair.

For the record, if you want to get rid of bullies you need to stand up to them. You get your ass handed to you once, twice, however many times it takes, but in the end he’ll either get tired of it, or he’ll respect you. The last thing you do is go crying like a little bitch, begging someone else to do the dirty work for you. Pathetic.

Pono Kaleikini says:

“I’m goin back to the kitchen” Bahahaa

Jowee Thomspon says:

Glorifying violence to children. I guess sex wasn’t enough.

Also, where are his biceps? lol

Jlynn Vines says:

it’s fake not:)

MrJuggizz says:

Go anarchy !

porriaine says:

the most fake program i have ever seen

Nick Bryan says:

this is real

TheOriginalSinaR says:

You fight him Arthur.

XxSchlongConneryxX says:

Why has the bully got a tattoo of a big curly turd?

gunstering says:

One of the best shows in television.

dgm2890 says:

That’s good that was knocked out I don’t like bullys

R3dChampi0n says:

who said anything about bullying?

vrttlesn says:

Channing Tatum’s little brother?

MCDirtyMikeNdBoyz says:

this is so fake lol

Emikropz says:

sure, the fight was real. But he’s probably not a bully, just a bunch of actors

dylan pearce says:

of all the shows i can say are fake i dont think this is one of them. I could be wrong but i sure hope not cuz i like seeing bullies get wrecked:P

Suffersosweetly says:

fake or not, that slam on that dudes head was real. you could see it.

Bob Smith says:


Johnny R says:

the fight isnt fake, the show is a little fixed in order to make entertaining. but they are beating dudes up tho and the interviews face to face are real

NitroNeus says:

And if this isn’t fake, I this guy dies of cancer

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