Une loutre saute dans une voiture et refuse d’en sortir

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Helga Sikorová says:

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Riley Teeter says:

They’re learning our machines!

anybodycanart says:

;-} hehehehhehe

Mariah Reyes says:

ummmm excuse me but your steering wheel is on the wrong side… hahhahhah jk :)

CaptainRufus says:

This is the beginning of that South Park episode with the Athiest otters.

Todd Welch says:

I wish I could have an accent like that. Australian accents are the fucking best.

pat eastvalley says:

Otter finds insectkilling odors where humans had their butt and he uses it on his back when he found the one with most odors.. Yes I speak ottrish!

slingcoopvideo says:


narhwalking says:

oh my god… why did you try to get rid of it? Its so cute I just would have kidnapped it

Le Cat says:

No, this is real… just look for otter and seal in Google and see the article on discovery’s site.

silverripple100 says:

Are you being serious?!

kelly perymon says:

omg so cute! lolz

superman21ob says:


Merlin Koboski says:

so funny:)

closetotaku musicnerd says:

So cute!

jevgenysv says:

Nasty animal. :)

diegoenriquesc says:

@xxSugerdaddyxx would have*

xxSugerDaddyxx says:

I would of kept it

MarqKush says:

check out my reaction =)

Ch33z3mann says:

Never leave your car messy or else an otter will invite himself in

Le457 says:

Which is why it plays with the newspaper/thing the guy haves in his hand? Quit that peta white knight heavy bullshit, youtubers

heatherking12 says:

They’d be the cutest pet ………… That’s if you can stomach feeding them dead chicks whole ……

MrWotsItoya says:

otters also rape and kill baby seals 😀

Gabi Abts says:

Poor otter was probably scared to death

teesha123 says:

ijustine sent me here

MrLammofgod says:


Deadjuice360 says:

If you’re an Otter, you can live in my car all you want.
I’ll even get some batteries and let you play my old Gameboy Advance, and we can order pizza later. ♥

paralogos says:

Otters are well behaved animals, I remember seeing one at the zoo years ago and it was very social like this one, it kept playing with my key chain.

Sara Ackerson says:

its so cute! I would definately take him home!:)

dudeitsgabi says:

Jkfdskds the cuteness of this is overpowering my will to look away

daniel zuniga says:

Soooooo cute!

Monica Yepez says:

Aw that was so cute!:)

Jup76 says:

Love it!! Thank you!!

Ovniware33 says:

Thank you, thank you, thank you very much… I have many otters.

Ovniware33 says:

Q; Why did the Otter cross the street?… A; To get to the Otter side. XD

Lydialovescake123 says:

Awwww so adorable

HappyPantsTime says:

Maybe they are like penguins in that instinctually they have no reason to fear us.

Alvin Chen says:

Australia Mate?

Dawn Kiss says:

Awww I would have taken the little otter home

ItzCh3ezy says:

Lucky the otter didn’t bite the living hell out of you. It probably thought he was a dog. Lol, where’s those scooby snacks. I know you have them Some where.

Ovniware33 says:

Why is the steering wheel on the otter side?

Peno1992 says:

Nawws I would have taken it home lol

KayKyandfriends says:

Lol funny

Mikey Flores says:

dirty car

Satyricscott says:

you otter go fck urself

cjastram says:

Unless that is a domesticated otter, people should stay the HELL away from an animal that is acting so accustomed to human presence. That is usually a sign of something really wrong — like rabies.

Unless you talk to birds and animals routinely, in which case you would know this and be able to tell if something was wrong. For the rest of us, stay away and call animal control. Rabies is no joke.

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