Candice Glover – When You Believe – American Idol 12 (Top 5)

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Candice Glover – When You Believe – American Idol 12 (Top 5)….As Seen On ©Fox Wed & Thurs 8pm Visual Content By Fremantlemedia, All Rights Reserved. Vote Here: ✓ Out My YouTube Channels: Tweet Me:


TallKite says:

Why Candice is the best, why American Idol is kinda lame, and how it could be better: The most important thing in a singing contest is, of course, how well you sing. But almost as important is how well you connect with the audience while singing. Your voice is your main tool for this, but it’s also how you hold your face, how you move your body, and the look in your eyes. This last one is the most important because it’s the hardest to fake. Take Curtis. Always had a weird grin that made him squint so you couldn’t see his eyes. So despite his amazing voice, he couldn’t sell the song with his face, and he got voted off. Now Devin has an open honest face that oozes sincerity. But he never showed pain or radiated joy, and came off as a little aloof. Burnell: again, too much grinning. Wasn’t believable when singing a sad song. This is where Candice really shines. It’s not just her incredible voice. She’s got soul. Watching her, I feel she knows what it’s like… (continued below)

TallKite says:

…what it’s like to be teased in junior high school, to be rejected in love, and to be betrayed by a friend. And she draws on these experiences when she sings to give the song feeling and depth. I don’t get that feeling watching the other four girls. They seem like they’ve always been popular, never been an outsider, and they all smile way too much. Particularly Janelle. “Never Fall In Love Again” is a jaded cynical song and her constant beaming was way out of place.Lazaro obviously doesn’t fall in this category. His struggles with stuttering give his personality depth. It’s why he lasted so long despite forgetting the lyrics, singing a little off, etc.American Idol too often devolves into a beauty contest between interchangable pretty faces with vacant eyes. They should raise the age limits, which are currently 15 to 28. Watching a 15 year old up on stage trying to convey adult emotions is just sad. Almost pathetic. Please, 18 and up only! (continued below)

TallKite says:

…And they should *abolish* the upper limit. Not everybody has the opportunity in their twenties to compete on AI. Some people are busy caring for their sick mother or raising 3 kids by themselves. Or recovering from drugs, abusive step-parents, whatever. These are exactly the kind of people that can add depth to the show. The magic of AI is that anyone can audition and become a superstar almost overnight. The cruel reality is that you have to have come from the right background and have had the right opportunities in life to be in a position to compete at a young age. And so most contestants wind up being talented but shallow kids from sheltered backgrounds. So please AI, open up the competition to the rest of us! And Candice, we love you!!!!

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