Germany “Satellite”, Lena – Winner of Eurovision Song Contest Final 2010 – BBC One

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Close Lena represented Germany in Eurovision 2010 with the song “Satellite”. Relive her live performance from the final held at the…


Jina Femath says:

so sexy english accent!

Christina Ch says:

She didn’t tell us if she even shave her legs for him. I guess that as a German she didn’t :/

pimpekism says:

I love song but dislike video b/c this is not a full video.

janisnan says:

Το τραγούδι είναι εξαιρετικό! 

Nemanja Janjic says:

Happy birthday Lena, LOVE, O I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! BEST WISHES

OdinOuts says:

Why bbc can’t upload a full video with HD?

Дмитрий Ш. says:

everything was decided by her long legs:)

bahri baris tekin says:

group was better than the manga.

xanthianna karavela says:

πολυ γλυκια κοπελα αλλα το τραγουδι δεν αξιζε

amidamaru yo says:

like, if you’re still watching this in 2013 :p

Mark Quark says:

She had so much power in her voice that day. Never again since then.

unitron2010 says:

Она сейчас очень и очень ничего…

crisespi23 says:

I’m not a hater, I’m a disliker.

crisespi23 says:

Dude? lol
I didn’t really like Finland’s this year either…
I don’t know, this makes me dislike the contest, although I really enjoy watching the performances.
What I wonder is if people do actually appreciate the good singers.

xPuuca says:

Not bad…but Romania should have won. 😐 in 2010
In my opinion ;]


Dude, it’s the same every year. Every year, there is at least one shitty mainstream dancepop song with an average singer, and it either ranks very high (like this one) or very low (like Finland this year).

Bobo Gigi says:

Is it british accent?

crisespi23 says:

Sorry, but if I had to choose the winner for that year I would have never ever chose this song. God! I mean it probably does not deserve last place but I wouldn’t have even placed it in the top 10. What does it have? Nothing. And she is not the best singer either. Honestly, I want to know other people’s opinions because I don’t think this song should have won, at all. I know it is over now but I strongly believe the voting is all rotten.

crisespi23 says:

I would give you a hundred thumbs up if I could.

risu505 says:

lol,my ears are bleeding : How could that shit win ?

AwsumCherry says:

I know when this first came out a lot of people were unhappy with her win and said a different country deserved it. Plus she dances a little awkwardly. I actually think it adds to the charm of the song lol, but a lot of people complained about it.

Heinrich Himmler says:

So catchy

kraks11 says:

German indeed :)

zorgo12 says:

are you blind?

in the bottom left it reads “22 GERMANY”

TheMcFanies says:

0:27 love that part

zildjianmirra says:

good song, why so many dislikes?

Restless heart says:

♥ I have her album :) she is amazing. but this live version stinks, if she was the best, god tell me how bad was the others… XDXD sorry, my opinion.

83WK says:

She is from Germany..:-)

Heinrich Himmler says:

English is English. Period.

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