Ke$ha “Blah Blah Blah” Music video (Teen Mom Parody)

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Ke$ha Blah Blah Blah Music video (Teen Mom Parody) KE$HA iTunes! TWITTER: T-Shirts! $15 2nd Channel: VOCALS: Boy: Girl KE$HA FACEBOOK: Joey’s Facebook: Brittany’s Facebook: DAILYBOOTH:


angel taylor says:

this crazy

Sailor Moon says:

One of the girls from Teen Mom went to my school and I didn’t even know at first 😮

silkroad54541 says:

How can u be so dumb?

He said “were like” that probably means that the 12639639 regnasernzb 3q4tn v qn4tklq234no6t rklqw3vn4ogn6vw25nz7lob qn3onzr oiJW=TJ)=Q§ BJ&P= B

InBoobearsHeart says:

Wait is the guy who got brittney prego, joey.?! I dnot think it is but i hav no clue

Cat Valentine says:

I know the whole freakig song! Lol

Nani Suarez says:


sairahhh91 says:

Joey at 55 lol

Emily Buxbaum says:

its sooooo funny i watch it over and over hahahahaha!!!!!!!


girl vivianna

supersissila says:

that song is so weird it freaks me out

michellebeheshti says:

Boy: Drake. Girl: Lilly

Misslivtiss99 says:

Girl: ivy boy : george

Cat Valentine says:

Lol do you like being a teen mom with u joey yeah.

TheZombiegirl143 says:

Boy: Kellin. Girl: Jessica

dracularalove1 says:


morgann hazzee says:

i thought u guys dont cuss……lol

MrsDubCake says:

So last time I was here was the video with too many negative reviews here and was not a youtube partner winterspringpro what a development o.o

Afrasiab sultan says:

he loOks soo sweet AT 0:55 ;D

dcanizalezable says:

go to 2:11 and look at the top left corner u see wwe logo on it like this if u see it

directioner4ever31 says:

wtfffffff is this?

TheMinecraftCrew4U says:

girl: adel – boy: rydian

Lauren67822 says:

If my first kid is a boy, I would name him Luca Cruz. If I have a girl first, then I will name her Shealiegh Kelsey(Shay).

lolo walker says:


love2dance1998 says:

I Would name my kids…. Breaunna Jazmine Davis and the boy Jovante(jojo)Davis Lolololol

MsMario317 says:

Lol funny video I would name my daughter crimson and my on Carson

chloeisausom123 says:

joeys not that other guy

chloeisausom123 says:

nice mustashe

alexis falance says:

girl nevaeh boy dalton

Abby Rosenthal says:

sooooooooo funnnnny

Willow Marshall says:

That guy was pissing me off.

BattleWithBeauty says:

joeyreally suits that litle mustache!! then again he suits everything 😛

Walter Fein says:

0:37 Ehering OMG

theslapofawesome says:

Omg could not stop laughing at joeys vocal parts
So for a girl lila or jade for a boy haiden or noah 

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