My 90-year-old Grandma Dances to LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem (ORIGINAL)

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LIKE HER ON FACEBOOK: TWITTER:!/90YrOldGrandma Check out her video which is not allowed on Y…


Arnfinn söderblom says:

Tell her hi from uss epic video :)

Latosha Johnson says:

honey…if i live to see 90 and can still dance for over 4 mins, you wouldn’t be able to tell me NOTHING!!!

rickchelseafan says:

God she still got them moves…. Would give anything to fuck her one more time

Bomb Shell says:

no offense but she looks a bit like a zombie

Eduardo Martinez says:

i just sit here and masturbate.

nicolas canet says:


Jana Beaver says:

10.0 Granny be rockin . ♥ it

ohgeezfaithh says:

0.58  “woooooaahhhh” LMFAO!!

briana posey says:


Hamdogrocks says:


John Miller says:

i have no IDEA how you got her to do that, but i’m impressed! O___O

jessicapride1 says:

Go grams go grams lol that lady got moves

Brooke Roberts says:

hahaha thats so funny watch my grandma saying “Neck Yourself”

Chriss Horowitz says:

I wanna be like her at that her!

Branden Mattox says:

Can I dance with her while she’s still here? She’ll have to take it easy with me.

BloodDiamonds21 says:

that is a blessing this made me smile and it made me think of my grandma :-) … i lost my grandma 2 yrs ago at 98. #your family is blessed <3 tell grandma YOUTUBE LOVES HER **BIG HUG*

juanamims50 says:

I love you

Susan Murl says:

Your grandma is so adorable and awesome!! Tell her to keep doing what shes doing and take good care of her!!!


I am in love with ur grandma lol shes just too adorable!!! God Bless her!!

sahachart2 says:

😀 cute

iamscou says:

Awesome grandmother!

Michael Whitehorn says:

The awkward moment when you realise you’re worse at dancing than a 90 year old.

TheRoCk8217 says:

You, sir, have the coolest grandma in the world. Take good care of her!

Michelle Holley says:

She’s awesome!

270 miserable people out there, I see. Live a little.

Alissa Kirkland says:

heck yes!!!! she is great i bet shes fun to be around!!

sophie patrick says:

shes awesome!!

Mehdi Bellamine says:

she’s a walker

HappyBirthday169 says:

thats what my grandpa does

mspixiedust100 says:

I still can’t believe how good she dances. Frickin incredible.

mspixiedust100 says:

This is absolutely amazing and inspirational. She has got RHYTHM! AWESOME!

adamforgie says:

Awesome! Thanks!

CreativeMind243 says:

Ahahahaha awesome xD

jumpsquid11 says:


Brenda Webb says:

Thanks for posting. I love it.

Clayton Patrick says:

love it

Brendaliz Guerrero says:

seriously…so much win here.

ilvj054eva says:

the only thing that’s missing is the shuffle :) wish i could do that at 90!

Trevion BREW says:

she killed it

EpicBacon says:

Happy birthday, Grandma! :)

mery round says:


legomimi2 says:

granny got rhythm

legomimi2 says:

wow few days until her birthday. my birthday is the day after hers march 30th

john west says:

u go grandma

Camie Middlestadt says:

granny still got it. lol.

Torah Portwood says:

go grandme go

JayeBellzSantiago says:

omg she’s so darn cute!!!!!

RectalDiscourse says:

I expected her to actually do the dance moves and then shit my pants. Turns out I just got bored seconds into it. Go figure.

Frideline Faizoma says:

omg she is the best dancer ive ever seen in my lifetime!

Frideline Faizoma says:

don’t make fun you cant even walk from you tv to you bed

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