Celtic dueling violins

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Celtic dueling violins – Smith & Nesbitt. Live from Hyde Park London.


Luca Pinsuti says:

I love Celtic and Irish music, and when I listen to violin tracks I always wonder how do they manage to play as fast as they do.

levikingjacq says:

the young one’s hair keeps falling over the strings. that would affect the music, since there a re no ill effects i assume it is a pre recorded track.

levikingjacq says:

her hair keeps falling on the strings, no effecting the sound. must be a magic fiddle

Sowberry Hagan says:

Sorry to burst your bubble, but Nesbitt plays along with recorded playback routinely in her shows.  If you sit away from the stage, all you can hear is the playback from the loudspeakers. But if you sit close enough to the stage, you can hear her playing and hear that it is not exactly in unison with the violin in the loudspeakers.

All the CW promotional videos on Youtube are studio recordings, not live musical performances.

Conquer byErm says:


KanoKrone says:

its not a play back if you look in the background where those rafter beams are there is a band there but Violin is a main part of the show other than the Riverdance its self.

shaggydoo98 says:

have you heard of practicing some times when people practice a lot their muscles remember where to go and you can also sound identical to the original song :)

shaggydoo98 says:

its a echo, and if their strings are in tune and if they played a open string like the A string for example when you play that you can also hear the E string, because when you strings are in tune the other strings vibrate. Its very helpful when your starting to learn your finger positions and where to put them :)

Chi Bao says:

I have no idea but I’m gonna enjoy the music xD

jacky black says:

No!!! :) In 2007 i was Local Roady in Innsbruck and work Backstage…. a Orchesta was playinng and this two Ladys are “just Perfect ! :)

Elglarad says:

Great clip, but I still wonder why the violin note keeps on going at the end after they’ve both lifted their bows off the strings.

LouTaylor100 says:

The music is great.

The only people who care are the fanatic fans, who seem to think that if Nesbitt is miming, then life isn’t worth living anymore.

I’m glad some of these commenters don’t know my address :)

workonitm8 says:

Mairead is HOT!!!

LouTaylor100 says:

You can’t record the crowd noise without a microphone, dood. :)

And, as any violin player can hear in the first 5 seconds, the violin is an acoustic, not an electric.

Katie Grant says:

Who cares? It’s still enjoyable to watch/listen to!!!

Lotr Lyd says:

You couldn’t be more wrong….

LostHisMarbles says:

Noadays they can record live performances very well. See the cord coming out of the violin they are able to record all the instruments very clearly. Its not like there’s some guy standing somewhere with a mic to record everything. So the quality doesn’t prove anything.
Also i call BS on you being able to see the timing of anything. The video is too low quality, too shaky, and possibly out of sync( which can make things look they they are randomly in and out of sync. )

Luca Pinsuti says:

I don’t even know how to play violin. It just seems unfair to use playback in a live concert. And I’m not even sure if they really played it or somebody else did it.

LouTaylor100 says:

Every note of the violin track in Maire Breatnach’s June 1998 recording is identical to the violin track in this youtube audio.

If you think that they are two different performances, then let’s make this easy. Let’s take the first phrase in the audio, from 0:07 to 0:16. Where in the Breatnach recording (0:04 to 0:13 seconds) do you hear a difference, and what is the difference?

Careful, you don’t want to look foolish, Sherlock :)

Nurio95 says:

what a song?

TheMusicPinkLover91 says:

so what if it is playback … can you play that fast? -.- 

TheMusicPinkLover91 says:

334 people are stupid!!

Abiezer Coppe says:

No, not turned down, the drums are hit in different ways.

Not the same to the “nanosecond” either. See my previous comment about the playing of Connaughtman’s rambles.

All you seem to have come up with is the fact that they are using broadly the same arrangement and can play at a particular tempo.

For instance, if I want to play a jig or a reel at 120bpm (as the first reel is played), that is what I do. With a drummer and others in there too it makes it dead easy if that you’ve practiced for.

dennis day says:

right on

Ed Matthews says:

Go away troll!

bobbo924B says:

It’s the damned TD in the booth, too much caffeine, switching the shot every measure, who’s having the seizure.

LouTaylor100 says:

Who’s the hater? I enjoy the music, I just wish Maire Breatnach got the credit that she’s due for playing it.

LouTaylor100 says:

I see, the drum track is turned down here, therefore they can’t be miming. You get an A+ in Leprechaun Logic. :-)

And the violin tracks are identical down to the nanosecond, as anybody can check for themselves, from the first to last note. Not a good idea to make a claim that anybody can see is idiotic in the space of 10 seconds, Sherlock :-)

Charles Baker says:

I read that Mairead Nesbitt learned to fiddle AND dance from childhood; it was traditional. It would be amusing to film some of you haters even walking in those heels. No, it wouldn’t. I’ll watch this and enjoy it.

Alfonso Jimenez says:

I believe they play so well and they have these skills,wonderful ladies!! :)

Abiezer Coppe says:

No, not identical. For example, listen to Connaught Man’s rambles (the second tune, ie. the jig) on both recordings; different interpretations of the tune.

Also, the accompaniment is not the same on the recordings, for instance the drums are quite different in many, many places, including the “famous” ending.

You can’t use that recording as “evidence for the prosecution” as it just undermines your case :-)

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