INSANE wave pool in Tokyo. Where’s the water?

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Vidmary777 says:

The artificial waves dont even reach the artificial shore!!!!

appler3 says:

After this that gonna be make lots of babies.

Theo2kitty says:

Where is Waldo?

sabbathslaves says:

urine….yep. thats exactly what I thought too

Ionetanausu says:

O my goooood!!!

TheMrRedSir says:

98% Asians, 1% Urine.

FNiazy1 says:

You would have to be a very special kind of person to actually think this is fun.

UltimateJasper says:

This isn’t going to have a happy ending…by the end of the day, SOMEBODY is going to end up drowned.

moreno2012kari says:


Faizal Mohd says:

Practicing For Tsunami

dallashansen says:

They probably find like 20 dead people every time they clear the pool!

Tsunamirush says:

I would not want to be in that pool

BuceGar says:

Best part of this video is the beginning where you’re thinking, “Oh, a bunch of people standing around.” Then the waves start.

Michael Lorimer says:

Mainly kids’ asses in there. Maybe not the kind of thing one should make public =)

igoyzigong says:

what do they think ?

cimbomlovr1 says:

just imagine your right in the middle and had to chuck a shit, no possible way your gonna make it out on time.

ipena7825 says:

WTF water full of piss.

dumaka says:

Looks like a bowl of human cereal.

dagessstanec2010 says:

с ума сойти

diet1985 says:

99.9999% Human….  0.0001% Water.

esponja9374 says:

que naco

MrMoodratx says:

que nojo

hasbor says:

Tsunami training perhaps.. anyway you can clearly see some people stuck at the bottom of the pool.. but i’d take the opportunity to grab some asses

GTPowerd says:

99.9 % Urine.

MrNorthshorepipe says:

now,try to get out .

pablopp712 says:

DISGUSTING PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

musta6996 says:

how people died in this pool?¿

TheRoyalSonic says:

I can say only one ….. too many people 😛

1991babyfaceslim says:

thats fukin gross i wonder how many people died in that piss water

dustyOn3 says:


nackgr says:

i xara tou anomanlou

Jeemdeecreations says:

Nipple slip @ 1:12

Jeemdeecreations says:

Its funny, but also sick in one way. Why would any human wanna be in there.. Be be out in the nature or do stuff that challenges you instead of this cheap mass (sheep)consumer entertaintment…

69alwayss says:

ok this is pratice for tsunami i get it

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