chris rock the difference between men and women

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Sam Abdul says:

how this trash considered a comedy

Kiran Thapa says:

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england528mf says:


Gav Rig says:

What’s incorrect about it?

Viigan says:

Subtitles by Chris Rock.

samuel2master says:

how so?

Aj Alghamdi says:

i wonder what the translation says.

577666 says:

Becomes rather tedious, both content and voice.

yu yu says:

yeah and guys just go for the hot girls…stupid niggas

SoCalAries says:

Funny but so incorrect

mcavr says:

its hebrew

cheetahfine says:

This shit is funny except the last part lol

cheetahfine says:

@aznxluvlyguy4u I agree with you so much and I am American.

alkalinecobra666 says:

Qapla’! LoL

Stefan Gustafsson says:

Klingon subtitles?

laura white says:


23youy says:

you’re a schmuck racist bastard

tapiaassasin says:

Chris Rock is a talentless, unfunny schmuck.

Jewlene Bellamy says:

Yes, I can’t go back in lifestyle!! I’m guilty aghhhh lol

youngin985 says:

this explains why girls are so high maintanice and guys are really into porn and into strip clubs

youngin985 says:

where im from we called them typical women.

ideasfromHYK says:

Check out my funny video Major Differences between Women and Men

Alyssa Lashown says:

Those are gold diggers Chris, not women.

Scruffy Andeson says:

it’s called a joke guys, please, laugh away.

bauerj93 says:

passport pussy!

0Letten0 says:

so shit

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