Cher Lloyd sings Love The Way You Lie by Eminem / Rihanna Semi Final X Factor 2010 HQ/HD

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Samaya Bowden says:


cherrycrissycris says:

love when she raps

Marshall Mathers says:


Marshall Mathers says:


Emilyrichmont says:

Ooh damnn Cher told that judge! CHER SANG SO AMAZINGLY OMG I LOVE HER <3

Dezi Nemo Pea says:

this is the 1st time i find she sounded good live :S

4getfullucy88 says:


edgarestrada1146 says:

Good but rhianna is times 5 better

Charlene Mae says:


Sristi Adhikari says:

Well, I actually expected more. :/

Deuterstomia says:

Rihanna looks like a baboon though that has to count for something.

Niki Agreda says:

she is so amazing i love her so much his voice is soy hjkslgjsp

AntSalmonn says:

You all have to admit that is pretty impressive.

ThePopSticleStand says:

Did anyone notice that fire?

yamioras7ami says:

Rihanna better

Ari Romo-Gonzalez says:

The crowd is so annoying

GuacamolyHoly says:


rohini lama says:

oo man …ur voice is awesome….

123ittle123me123 says:

She do this song so amazing!!!

Predpool says:

she honestly a better rapper then nicki, she raps about real shit in her album

XxxextremegamerxxX1 says:

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MrSkeezymak says:

Dem eyebrows.

andradadadix says:

what’s there to judge?

Adele Antoine says:

although u can see she’s a bit nervous, she did great, she was awesome!!!!


she so brave …….. i like that  xD

relica x says:

She’s so gorgeous

Kimberly Yu says:

I think KickAboutLosLobos was referring to Cher singing the rap, and not Eminem’s singing in the original version.

Jen Danielle says:

” wouldn’t change myself for the world” i absolutely admire that!!

Stephanie Ching says:

she is a good rapper though

sephi sephiroth says:

seriously ? I m pretty disappointed, it’s not “LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE” ….., agree with the first judge

Tammy P says:

Amazing…still love the original but this was great too.

Kathi Wagner says:

Love to see you try..she was awesome..wtg Cher!!

Ahmed Yahiawi says:

no Simon it didnt work, at all

Aehiya says:

3:05 omg love it !!!!!!!!

Addie Sawyer says:

Jenna marbles!!!

Katre-Nada Hajji says:

It’s the performance the person is talking about. Pipe the fuck down.

dininda weerawardane says:

wow she got her own way to sing omg that wos fucking amezingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

lexxismyser says:

Fucking bully she is better than you vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

winchesterx97 says:

i will never understand how she is famous..

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