Parrot singing opera (original video)

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R.I.P. MENINO my parrot singing a fragment of the Magic Flute by W. A. Mozart…he learned it very fast. He died from a unknown disease with just 15 years o…


Vivian Eugenio says:

Aww <3

singindarwin says:

RIP. damn. that kid is a Legand now.

Rogeliorock2 says:

Queeee!!! es la flauta magica de MOzart. jjajaja no lo puedo creeer jejejeje.

apolanco602 says:


lmacho255 says:

I do like parrots. They are amazing animals

cheincito says:

impresionante jajajaj , seco el pajaro

redblood911 says:

Menino made news in China!! watch?v=2EF2B3vrExQ

Storm Davis says:

Rip…I cant believe he has gone :'( I will miss his amazing voice… Rip little green guy :’3

iro sardis says:

soooo cute!!!! 😀

Biitii81 says:

Your parrot has an incredible voice!!

54321Judith says:

So sweet!

GypsyGirl317 says:

This is awesome! Thank you for sharing :) xx

evanranderson10 says:

So cool.

Thiago Codifiih says:


osaki0329 says:

amazing !!!!! thank you.

Сергей Добровольский says:

Умница попик! Классно )))

Irene Portela says:

Puaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja xD

Ich Selbst says:

thats fantastic xD

markyquayle says:

i’m told some parents live to be 80!! to bad Menino wasn’t one of them as a Darling he was! 😉

Djtr0niC says:


grisquetequieroverde says:

omg he was beautiful!

lilsquirt291 says:

My Lorikeet is so in love with your bird…lol

cadillacant says:

Pretty sweet

CommercialAtrophy says:

LOL no way lol.. awesome..

xangelfshx says:

So cute! Sorry for your loss. <3

behamm says:

loL o.0 impresionante

thbklover2010 says:

You can tell he’s having so much fun! 😀 He’s such a lovely bird! Hahahahahaha haaaaa!! lol

scarletkiss1 says:

q linda!

Miguel D. says:

cool man! :D

matt splat says:

GO MENINO!!!! shame :(

beakbuddies says:

Sing to everyone in Heaven little Menino!

Lindsey Yesdnil says:

A bird singin better than me..

Amy Cummings says:

This parrot is amazing.

theultimatrix101 says:

@MADDOG3102 ah but justin beiber cant sing at all

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