Flavour – Kwarikwa [Remix] ft. Fally Ipupa (Official Video)

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Stephanie Wilbon says:

He has a nice body and he’s so sexy

Michael Alex says:

BUDDY u re doing grt

Margaret Vernon says:

looooooove it!

Mbengue Elzinho says:

Kwarikwa kwarikwa loooove this song !!!

Madi Saindou says:

I love

Aminata Bah says:

OMG this boy is so sexy

SexyAisha748 says:

flavour u are man the u are the best

Rampege rule says:

Dnm thats my homeboy fally Keep it real Mnnnn

JabaaRADIO says:


JabaaRADIO says:

This video was taken in SOUTH AFRICA JOHANNESBURG!

abubakarr cole says:

Mr Flavour i respect you man,you can dance well.

Makoka711 says:

je taime fally

daphne chishiri says:

easy ecstatic jive. soft cool music. nyce FLAVOUR

michouvip says:


aminatathiamtossou says:


Alexander Osborn says:

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michellemuchetz says:

l lyc the song man! ooh my oh my ooh my

Philip Odei says:

why will u steal someone song like that s

Fransina Amutenya says:

this guy is blessed….H5

velonece10 says:

Flavour gets one love from this Jamo girl ! True Artist! U dun know

Light Baloyi says:

Flavour!!!! nufSaid

Sherifat Bamford says:

Actually, I have not had my bath this year yet but don’t you worry, my WHITE husband is going to wash me up with his beautifull tongue. I will be thinking about you when he does. ha ha ha

didyne gagane says:

je love par sa musique et il dance bien!!!!

Anthony Kakie says:

Sherifat Bamford, sounds like you have your bath yearly by the river next to your village.

Mimi Princess says:

Man i love this song

112danegro says:

he also has scottish origins , if we do not say he is biracial is because white people say that even if you’re black you have some white blood

reg shovelworth says:


angel561615 says:

Most of you guys are throwing this whole argument out of porportion I mean who cares about who he picks for his music video it dosent matter!

shirley tavarez says:

Xqhx xbshbxhsh

HGsoul4ever says:

Love is colour blind. Stop the stupid comments about light-skinned and dark-skinned women. Ethiopians are naturally light-skinned and they are fully Africans. Same with people from Seychelles and several other African countries. Don’t be so narrow-minded. Even in Nigeria, where Flavour comes from, a lot of people (women and men) there are very very light-skinned; example one of the members of the singing duo, Bracket, is lighter than this girl. So please just stop and be more accepting.

Sherifat Bamford says:

Oh, just a thought,
maybe you guys should have your bath more than once a week or a month.

Sherifat Bamford says:

Well, may be you are right but you are entitled to your opinion.
But guess what!!!
I am a black woman and i am married to a British white man and I can point out a lot of white men married to black women and this continues to grow in number and that goes to the saying ” Once you go black, you never go back”
I guess the white guys find their sisters repulsive. ?????
What do you think????
God bless Africa.

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