Spinning Chocolate Joy

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This is an exhibit from a chocolate factory in Melbourne Australia.


Appie237 says:

is she crying?

Aaron Borg says:

Yay pannys chocolate factory I love that place !!!!!

seshstarILY says:


NeiraRea99 says:

Right up there with “Alright I can die now”

Dragonk116 says:

And then…. *NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM*

Madblaster89 says:

Flashing lights make the images skip like in a movie reel.

Freak0104 says:

Can only be magic.

TxAbby says:

In the world of “Chuck”, I would probably have half an intersect now.

Peter Kimball-Evans says:

El Barto!

WhoYouKitten says:

Saw this at Disney World for Toy Story

Stefan de Jong says:

So… we finally meet again, 240p…

Daniel Ashton says:

Shes saying “oh my god” over and over cause her mind cant understand what and how this is happening. Shes having a brake down simply put

Naruava says:

I read physics, this is possible with the right timing and lights. So STFU.

93basketboy says:

Mmmmmmmmm all of the pixelated goodness

kaythemagicalfay says:

“I’ve officially seen it all”

TheMrBeezt says:


GoodKnight5252 says:


iEnjoyedYourVideo says:

240p on a video like this really limits it’s potential :(

roostaandhen says:


Matthew Kim says:


TheZProtocol says:

asdn;ofahj ;froiah j;lakjh;oiakdj ;lkadj f ;kihj fi;oa

sorry that was having a seizure over the keyboard

RadialCreations says:

The 440 people were in this video.

raladin3dd says:

Great, Thanks for the 240p quality -.-

Sharon Park says:

“I have officially seen it all.” *laughs* “Alright, I can die now.” He’s quote is basically Tumblr.

XxmetaltilldeathxX says:

I’ve been to this place!

ShoeNiceHateBot6 says:

let me touch your face

ayla cruz says:

i watched every video from the finebros playlist…. O_____O what am i doing with my life?

NalaZitto AgMh says:

It’s kind like a stopmotion

broskial says:

Do the chochalate shake

Demonic Monica says:

Hahaha! I have a strobe light. Sometimes I’ll gather my friends for a trippy dance party where we all look slomo.

speakandbeheard1418 says:

I mean yeah the exhibit is cool but the people’s reactions: priceless :)

Ed wazere says:

Yes yes we know its cool,but what happened to all that chocolate!!!

wertycookie says:

how does this even work

iambehindthemirror says:

Stupid over-impressionable americans. Yes, that’s cool, but you don’t have to cry out omg so many times.

alvarezpcosme says:

Wooow! Amazing!

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