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ttomdorrej says:

I want to put my tube steak in her.

srthatejeep says:

Id fuck her while she tells me jokes

canadianjatti says:

it was acrylic or gel but cuz of the accent thats how it sounds hahaha

anita1ngo says:

im vietnamese

jordyngault says:

Would I like crydal gell? Haha

QuangTran27 says:

lol there’s an Asian lady in my math class that talks like that. Me and my friend who is also Vietnamese joke a little about it. But that does not mean we disrespect her.

audreyxoxo1 says:

i hate those bitches at the nail salon that always talk shit about you in foreign languages. sometimes i bring a chinese dictionary and they stop talking lmao

haku4547 says:

Lol mad funny

marimaldonado1345 says:

would u like crystal gellll??????

hotblade50 says:

I do not understand what you are saying. All i am saying is that there are uneducated people who do not know the difference between a chinese accent and a vietnamese accent. What is your explanation for commenting my comment?

Taylor Anderson says:

1:00 …thank me later

Hikarupi234 says:

Haha this was funny! im asian. it waqs funny cuz she did an awesome F.O.B accent!!

Aznkisses92 says:

hahahaha her viet sounds so fluent? idk im not viet hahahaha but it sounds like it hahahahahha

killastang89 says:

i was getting a pedi today and I was trying not to crack up because the lady’s voice sounds just like this!

scsr14 says:

Im sick of all these fucking ads.

PeaceLoveMonsterHigh says:

Ive watched this 6 times O_O I laugh everyyyy time 😀

PeaceLoveMonsterHigh says:

Thats the point O___O

hotblade50 says:

The only thing I have to say is that the accent is not chinese….its vietnamese. Please get it right

gissellrgreen says:


Fernando Gonzalez says:


rowdycroissant says:

Shut the Fuck up MsPehta you fucking irrelevant bitch

C. Armani Trusclair says:

This shit is so funny but you know she is right!

50sgal77 says:

People stop taking this so seriously. I have not seen 1 nail place that isn’t like this. Haha I love this video.

sonnybrown says:

omg, this still cracks me up.

Kassandra Martinez says:

hahha this is so funny and so true

4torigirl says:

Omgosh! Word for word, this is my salon! Cracks me up!

MsPehta says:

there’s so much more to this sketch than just the “accent”. the fundamental rule of creating the “need” existed in far east long ago before the advertising strategies were figured out in the west, where we only begun realizing their negative social impact in the late 1950s. this (social impact) is why confucius (5-6 century BC!) in his ideas about a proper social order made sure traders occupied the lowest strata of the social hierarchy. you wanna do business in asia? watch this video again.

CreateWealthwithTara says:

I could swear she goes to MY nail salon!!

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