17 Photos You Need To Really Look At To Understand

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Bet you’ll have to watch it twice…! Based on Tanner Ringerud’s: buzzfeed.com/awesomer/photos-you-really-need-to-look-at-to-understand Props to: http://www….


darkgodryu61 says:

1:06 WTF are you doing ? O_O

Nicole H. says:

Omg I was just about to say that lmao. true

LazyMan9000 says:

LOL The ‘not a boob’ one is old, they been doing that since Monkey Magic was on every night at 6.

NASEERTUBE2012 says:

fake crap

MissSassClass says:

those aren’t hairy arms.. that’s a guy’s leg.. you can see the blue shorts..

MissSassClass says:

u don’t get 0:41? O-o

Brenkie5 says:

they are her arms bent, the pink part is her elbows.

Gabe Allen says:


BeaverKid VG says:

right click pres stop download and enjoy

Corey Larcomb says:

ELBOWSSS..men i got it! there elbows!

Corey Larcomb says:

The baby is wearing the glass’s not the man..its the mans nose and mouth. he does have girly legs…trollolol….those arent boobs? i still havent figured out wdf they are!

TeamGehnocide says:

00:36 does anyone see the head to look like rob dydrek

TheForeverskaters says:

they may not be boobs, but that’s all i need……

zachery oberg says:

I don’t get 00:33 where is the baby’s real head? It looks like it is part of the mans neck

Levi Johnson says:


manda bear says:

0:30 what?

SuperJohan47 says:

Hockey finlaand!!

Pamela Rowe says:

The woman grabbing her crotch was a knee jeez

Cameron Mcisaac says:

oh so these are photos you need to look at to understand, inlike the photos you understand without even seeing them

Jesse Hughes says:

0:13, well I still like to pretend they are.

bladiswagger16 says:

I just came because of the boobs and I got trolled -_____-

Aspifyy says:

The boobs when are here elbows and her arms. Her arm is resting on the bathtub.

ajrivas4804 says:

really the one in the bathtub?????

Richardmilton666 says:


Richardmilton666 says:

the platform is resting on the sand no in the air

you222ber says:

0:57 either way he has girly legs.

Justin h says:

the nose, mouth and chin are from the man carrying the boy, you can see the different skin tone.

Mauricio Robles says:

I did not have to

Beastkevin says:

tiny man riding girl is best


They’re her elbows

ajrivas4804 says:

I understood everyone except to boob one

Mitchellisawesome100 says:

What’s the first one?

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