Kent “Toast” French, The World’s Fastest Clapper

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Kent(Toast), holds the record for ‘Most claps in a minute’ 721. Finally, a video of it happening.


Andrew Burns says:


Andrew Burns says:

Nah Toast is the real champ he actually claps and. the other guy just slides his hand together. therfore TOAST is still the worlds fastest clapper

etheangel2220 says:

I hope you dont go into deep depression mr toast, seeing as your greatest achievement has been eclipsed

Blueberry954 says:

this is out dated now

Katie Luvs Cheese says:


Jerrick Ignacio says:

sounds like me masturbating

kursad elaslan says:

ooo yeah new world record 802 claps

12345sambrett12345 says:

You’re mum must be so proud.

powerhouse995 says:

What an accomplishment…

HaloExtremist4 says:

How is that not real clapping your fucking stupid? szili76

VonValjus says:

why so sad?

pspbrain says:

He’s cumming at 1:30

9snaker says:

LOL what a “coincidence” I got to this video here again! I know it from years ago… and now – one week after this video was uploaded, I got here o__0

MrHunkjack says:


szili76 says:

That is not real clapping!

R Schutz says:

get a fucking life

Zalibidas says:

Congratulations. *claps once*

brycejohns50 says:

I can fap faster than he can clap

LordofPotatos says:

you must fap alot

mountaindew5150 says:

I’m almost as fast as him. Check out my clapping video for proof.

tekniquesportz says:

this guys such a tool

Nawroz Duhoki says:

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mushfiq951 says:

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ruphz says:

haha bet that wiped the smile off yir greasy BASTAR’ puss Kent ya PRICK

Michael Wood says:


Shaynnneee says:

I can do that! Hold my beer!

ralphfromthesoutable says:

He looks so happy. I wonder if he cried when he found out his record was broken?

imakenovideos100 says:

Listen to this without looking

crampoku says:

Nailed it : /watch?v=KBAPqbgd8UA

elisaesp39 says:

He looks like he is getting slapped with a computerized hand really fast

krunkjc says:

Hes probably a good masturbator.

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