Britians Got Talent – 5 Most Shocking Performances

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Of 2009.


TheSweElit says:

at 01:09 my mom stepped in to my room and I switched to porn because it was much easily to explain…

myYTname albertwayable says:

piers shouldnt press his fuckin button, great that d last performer didnt gave a shit

filip vranic says:


KikatoMansion says:

if the last guy perform it to the queen it might give her a heart attack

Kamryn Barton says:

I almost passed out with the last guy

Jewell Engholm says:


Aline Clapdorp says:

i was at the last won

DragonFox84 says:

it was planned to do that… need to pray hes ok lol. hes perfectly fine.

Chris Hui says:

That last one…scared the hell out of me

Emily Bolt says:

That last one is going to give me night mares tonight!!!! :O it’s so scary!!!!!

nicokxtina says:

this is weird

Jawadsmokii says:

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I loved the last one !

Dundullla says:

I pray that last guy is ok!

mishaya kayli says:

the last guy almost made me pass out…

keilani cepeda says:


Stine Newton says:

We all do, hers is just bright

Timothy Chan says:

Uhm. does the little girl remind anyone else of anne hathaway..?

Celines Maldonado says:

The little girl was like don’t do it you’ll regret it jaja

Joelle Pan says:

LOL I saw that i was like HA TAKE THAT SIMON

gerkaystraughter17 says:


AJArtClasses says:

Mike: *stab*. Me: HOLY SH*beep*

13oing says:

they all have future ahead of them

Celines Maldonado says:

JAJAJAJA Simon was about to push the x on the little girl then she was like nope imma sing lol

RogamaFilmProducers says:

02:07 Sounds like consuela!

mainlinesin2 says:


Ellie Reed says:

Susan Boyle is sassy…I love her voice.

Connor Fletcher says:

SCARD ME!!!!!!

Isabel Simpson says:

The last scared the hell out of me I thought he got stabbed in the eye!!!!!! Plz gives a bigger warning next time….

Suleiman766 says:

each one of them kind of surprise me

Riya Varma says:

Never Judge Thats what i learnt….

Çağatay Bayram says:

20 yıllık tarkan’ın şarkısını almışlar gavur karıya söyletmişler. tövbe estafurullaaah.

Nguyen Ivy says:

Aaaaaah of the first one

Sosogray says:

Simon winked at the first one!!!

StarshipKittens says:

Last one so scary

StarshipKittens says:


diana kalanidou says:

hahah ahh fioouuhh

Jaampow23 says:

The second one is that my guess he was smacked in the balls and sings like a lady whenever he makes long notes

charm khanna says:

Omg it scared me at the end omfg

JosedaboSSify says:


EspiyGaming says:

Susan Boyle For The Win! :3

kamryn smith says:

The last one scared the s*** out of me

Benned Hedegaard says:


jesslynfig says:

Omg what is wrong with
Her i dont even think it is a girl
I think its a man

raimbowgameboy says:


Diana Ruby says:

Last one almost gave me a heart attack holy shit I’m scared for life wtf

javiel muniz says:

WTFo_O THE last wan

Lucy Koulermos says:

D: scared for life

Mannon Jolie Lopez says:

omg! the girl ! amazing just loved her !

Joshua Parker says:


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