Crazy WOMENS MMA Knock Outs

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simplycomplicated333 says:

“OMG, I’m gonna kick over a chair”

Templar Osirius says:

Fucking music fucks up this fucking video, fuck.

wolfonamission says:

Screw loose cunts

Claude Py says:



fuck women’s mma. 

Olivier Martel says:

For some reason I can’t watch women getting hurt lol x_x

baboonbuttz says:

nice to see women finally getting trained like men. there have been some really good female fighter with good skills. now they get to show it. i enjoy watching the women like to see more of it. invicta was the first real venue i seen.

Matt Gerrard says:

We all got the bruises to prove it!

TheSinsOfGod says:

Lesbians Fightn n Fuckin

jdv3666ify says:

Women’s MMA starting to look pretty good

Joel Martinez says:

Shit was kinda boring to be for real, change the music that shit bout to put me to sleep

Sj Helmet says:

6.04 had me crying

Stefanne Kohl says:

I hate all of you douche bags that dont support womens mma. Like I understand if you dont like watching women fighting… but shit. Us females are just as tough (well can be) as the next guy. Im sure 93% of these females could whoop your guys’ ass.

Amaechi Oselukwue says:

lmao… some of that shit was just funny

AnonymousCowardX says:

What’s always up with those stupid sexist comments by idiots, scared of girls?
Or is it because of 2000 years of Christain brainwashing?
What’s so difficult in respecting women

Justo Duarte says:

sorry I can’t support this, nothing against women in sports, but MMA is something that I used to like to watch to see dudes get fucked up, not I can’t watch it cause I don’t like seeing women fight, at all………..

TheNUTTY117 says:

Women just aren’t as determined to ruin their opponents facial structure, unlike men

mike smith says:

absolutely agree, these ladies can sure fight….daaaaaammmmmmmm!!!!! Better then some idiot guys l’ve seen in real life street fights lol.

mike smith says:

lol i mean l personally know some of these pardon the slight mistake…

mike smith says:

l personally know some of tgese very talented ladies & they could put many of the male ‘big mouths’ to shame in sheer speed & execution of mma art. I know of atleast 2 mma guys got their asses handed to them by some of my female mates in my full contact jujitsu & thai boxing classes, true story lol. Every guy should have an mma babe in the bedroom lol, thats so sexy….

pokyme says:

girls be only fighting once a month…if you know what I mean

Chris Masters says:

Women MMA is the best!

ModalGroove says:

the moral of the story is.. Whether they want to take a beating to the face like these women or those nuts on Maury Povich, or only want to take a beating to the vagina like the rest of them. Woman love getting pounded in some form or another. But, not all of them will take it up the butt. 😉

Henninglire says:

Why crazy?

TwisTTooL1 says:

Thank god! Real women fighters (not that MMAcandy porn crap)

george cassiel says:

because they use those words, it makes you more popular or man?, I think that makes you the opposite.

MetalFluffyNinja1 says:

Get the fuck out.

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