Vice Ganda, Mario Maurer dance ‘Gangnam’

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Thai heartthrob Mario Maurer guested on “Gandang Gabi Vice” on Sunday night as he promoted his movie “Suddenly It’s Magic” with Erich Gonzales. Aside from sh…


rapraprage1980 says:

crush nya talaga si cacai.halata nun papa upo palang silang magkatabi.look at marios face

ileana4977 says:

so funny

iamcristine07 says:

Lol xD

kikyamboy16 says:

grve d aq ngsswa

Amonalia Poonoo says:

thanks a lot

aurora nunag says:


den wla says:

ahahaha…tawa aq ng tawa kung lalaki lang tong si vice marami ang maloloka

tricia12681 says:

Das ist die beste alle zeiten

Dan Pili says:

THis very wonderful episode

Steve Byrd says:


ledilaine galvan says:

i was watching it closely, 7:17 mario was just staring at Cacai like he was really amazed by her…

Amonalia Poonoo says:

i want to know his name guy, he sit next to Cacai.
who is he ? so look handsome …

lisa farid says:

mario is so cuteeee…

kbmsgurlslove says:

Omg he is so cute and the pick up lines omg its just out of this world (im Filipino)

Nika Salvan says:

ang gwapo ni MARIO!!

iDate Jade Salazar says:

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cinthiamicuarto says:

Mario maurer.. I love you mario.. :)

noiz baba says:

love erich from thailand fanclub por

leigheruz says:


Crystal Abata says:


Crystal Abata says:

ang galing ni Vice!

richard eden says:

tita vice kamuka nio po c reynaldo petrola at lester petrola gnagaya nila buhok nio idol kc nila kau taga mangaldan alitaya po cla hahah

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Gemma Cayanan says:

12:42 kakatuwa talaga c vice

Joshua Manzano says:

ahahaha.. natatawa ako.:)

littleleopardess66 says:

xooooo cute mario~~~~

ManneredMild says:

Kamikazee have a funny new video where they talk about Vice Ganda and Justin Bieber.


alvinam88 says:

c ate vice! jejeje

Inix Tab says:

ang cute n mario….i lve c joros n etchepuera lng…sna ndi nlng pmnta

Ruziel Angdisen says:

Ganda ng movie

jomar charles says:

sa lahat ng episode dito ako natawa ng SOBRA SOBRA SOBRA;))))

kath timbol says:

super tawa talaga ko!!!!!!!!!!! luv it!!!!♥♥♥♥♥

Nabelyn Luciano says:

di nakakasawang panuorin, kakatuwa talaga.. 😀

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