Puppies Go Into Attack Mode

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sardonyxz says:

i want a lab so bad and you have so many :”(((((

sofistrawberry123 says:


Sara Hudak says:

OMG! I have a choclate lab and she used to be that small. i wish she was this age again!!!!! but she’s an old lady dog complete with grey beard 😀

Rhyan Jordan says:

I’d just love for this to happen to me; then I’d be the happiest person in the world! :)

SeRgIoThEmAn123 says:


Corinne King says:

I could watch puppies play all day long. They are so cutie pie.

dtm123711 says:

Did he survive?

TheInuyashee says:

A few of them immediately went for the jugular. O.O killing machines!


he died a hero’s death

Thunderh3ad says:

Family Guy.

insanelittlesilk says:

Think they’re chocolate labs. My Snickers looked like this when I went to meet her for the first time… know what this means? That man will be attacked for months to come by PUPPIES!

somethingtough says:

Screw anti-depressants, this is all you need in your life

Madilyn Nicely says:

I like how shit gets real at the end. them puppies are out for the kill

Matthew Lam says:

man: whaaaaaa! puppies! puppies! pu-OUCH! XD

jess and chris says:

Free dog chipping thanks to dogs trust! just google ‘dogs trust free microchipping’ and its the first link that comes up. Spread the word! :)

ZW Judoka says:

Die from laughing you mean, right? 😀

Liluthieness says:

I want to die this way

WadeGb says:

oh my god the blood the blood why would someone post this on youtube jesus my mind

zoeblo paistinpannu says:

in the internat nobody knew you were a puppy but now everyone does

Marinella Talamo says:

I puke rainbows after seeing this

bravolondon says:

i want the ear, is the most tender part.

ElegantSkies says:

Lol, funniest comment I’ve seen today xD

shadowman427 says:

What the fuck is this bullshit?

Louiisee96 says:

That was really heart warming!

TheChineseNinja95 says:

I’ll form the head!

SoLxperts says:

They were looking for the nipple

Kesavan Krishnan says:

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m333pm333p says:

Not sure who is cuter, this funny guy or the puppies. He is having DAWWWW overload.

matt thomas says:

another American puppy mill exposed!

Briana Thorpe says:

alrighty then… *backs away slowly*

Nmx6286 says:

… an then they ate him… XD

Tigron101 says:


mclovin4659 says:

I did not expect to see so many puppies

carlos vargas says:

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XxPlus6xX says:

..but then everything changed when the puppy-nation attacked.

georgelikesrock says:

death by puppies seems a pretty awesome way to go :)

LapsingBalance says:

I believe they are Chocolate Labs.

Demonic Smurf says:

so cuuuuuuuute how they all come running 😀

Triston Lee says:


pinalo2009 says:

what breed are theese! so adorable pappies! loved the accent and the ending so much, sooooo cute!

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