PERM IT UP (Pour It Up- Rihanna Parody) FUNNY VIDEO!!!!

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aisiah29 says:

So funny

prettyblazer08 says:

Rachet but funny

nakieta hall says:

Lmao she funny I like this show

ultrafireman says:

y did 2 million people watch this if our president is goin 2 to be like this saying YOLO SWAG everyday he or she steps out we r fucked.

keepit100gurll says:

LMFAO wtf she think gon happen putting a perm on weave !!!!

earlyshiajordan says:

like it

ModestDrake1 says:

you speeled funny wrong

hilaria739 says:

lmaooo this shit fubby asf

Allyssa Westfall says:

Lmfao I’m fine

Chad Holder says:

Noooo cute

Lilmissdiva876 says:

I like her pink weave at the end

amara jackson says:

this is sooooooo stipied but funny

Roberta Leona says:

she is so ugly

bubblegum11011 says:


Yulissa Leal says:

Funny !!

Hanan Ahmed says:


Freisy Pena says:


Lynita Parris says:

I LUV this song

Cerenity Shoates says:

the like mannequin head is creepy with the eyes

lareynagarcia91 says:

This song is stuck in m head! I love this song it’s so funny, I go around the house singing it

dorivella1274 says:

lol i didnt know nicki minaj didnt have hair anymore :)

non ya biz says:

lol perm it up prem it up

Lonye Bowman says:

Lol very Funny Pat it Pat it!

mya mayes says:

My hair want grow back perm it up soa it up

mya mayes says:

That so funny

kayleigh guterriez says:


paulkjbarnett says:

She is crazy

rafael alvarez says:

u funny mofo ratchet

MsJaynizzle says:

haahahahahaahahaha perm on weave? of course its going to fall out and look nasty

jerryjoneswag says:

this is tooooooooooooo funny………..she is ghetto the way she says her words

Laylay Swwag says:

in the mirror she look like baby carter (reginae carter

Laylay Swwag says:


Abd Ayyad says:

lol she is nasty and funny

cece maxwell says:

i love her so much

cwalker828 says:

Lolz this was too funny!

Dyamond Bass says:

your welcome

Liane Robinson says:

hahahahahaha this is amazing

Liya Thomas says:


Liya Thomas says:


reshedia miles says:

lools like nikki minaj



journey1110 says:

Lol My I got my own REAL Hair

Kaitlin Rose says:

My hairs on fuuurr my hairs on fuuur! Aint no body got time fo dat!

Essence Johannes says:

to funny

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