Extreme Fail Compilation 2012 HD

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The best fail compilation of June 2012! New compilations uploaded every month. Don’t Forget To Like ,Comment and Subscribe! June fail compilation featuring t…


aKRRProduction says:

This is going on myspace

BillytoEpic says:

I’ve gone from Monster fish,to Cat video to little kids tripping,to creepy pasta and to pregnent fish when will it end!

random2crazy says:

3:10 ‘you know this is going on myspace’. that was the biggest fail of them all

wowgaming69 says:

3;00 looks so fun

guilherme ferreira says:

cat: OMG one monster

dark2sonic3 says:

0:40 man period?

tmarx1997 says:

2:15going on my space

Faidith Grim says:

How about the part at fucking 4:51…. Nearly almost died. :(

werttyization says:

7:29 it’s rapping time

TheGamer7143 says:

Wow that cannon ball knocked the poop outta him!

TheSlimGaming says:

( •_•) “Looks like he was…”
( •_•)>⌐■-■
(⌐■_■) “…a party pooper”
Reply  · 21 like my copy skills

OhNoItsSeattlezombie says:

“ohhh this is totally going on myspace!”

Gzus Leezenheimer says:

How do you just jump in a pool and start shitting within 15 seconds? That kids fucked

wil28301 says:


Derekmanster says:

2:58 shamu

ProDefieurMasteurs says:

GO TO MY CHANNEL ! ! ! ! !

Alfie Lowe says:

1:58 poor doggy :(

Foxynerf does minecraft says:


Marko Nikolic says:

Who da hell thumbs ups these comments o.O -.-‘

Liam Walsh says:

3:00 Looks like he was a…PART POPPER!! yeeaaahhh

sathit aungkanawisun says:

HD 😀 5555555555555

Moneymaker1939 says:

In russia you dont own turkey turkey own you

CJ Lebron says:

What the fuck? Some of these clips show people getting really hurt but no we laugh at this shit. .-.

KingNakayo says:

5:15 That is what you call a rage quit little boy. :) Now its your turn

PsychoD94 says:

No thanks. I don’t want a virus.

everthernandez74 says:

Dumd Ass People

aamaya35 says:

Did he poop in the pool or was he bleeding?

MrCocospy says:

Wow how did u get top comment u sir deserve a fail ;P

Kevin Jensen says:

You spelled virus wrong.

Evil King says:

7:19 LOL

Thundrebird2012 says:

1:00 LMFAO

TH3B34T3R says:

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Dawid August says:

0:50  0:49 fack

Cowfaic'd Realm says:

That’s so…
-awesome to watch
-fucked up to experience

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