Avery And the Calico Hearts – America’s Got Talent – 2011 – Wild card

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tarentolito trolazo says:

._. holy…..

Heidi Virtanen says:

Omg avery’s voice ! :3 <3 They are just like chipettes:))

relate1234 says:

I’m in a group just like them and 6 backup dancers they are boys. I like 1 but I cant tell him ciz me scared I NEED TO KNOW WAT TO DOOOOO

xxTurtlezRockxx says:

They’re like the female Chipmunks.

Natalie Taylor says:

“Do you like any of them?” “NO!” “I do..” hahaha precious

Annabelle Potts says:

Kinda pitchy… Eh…

Sweetchristy101 says:

Avery is such a bitch

Thatgirlwithbarbies says:


Dorionte Miller says:

They kill it

Jason Serra says:

I love you

sytch27 says:

You are better then him

wael metab says:

did u saw the mask @ 2:31 ..

gabriella edwards says:


D. Bettell says:

Their cute

D. Bettell says:

Jet heir cute but the lead cannot sing

Will Hodgey says:


reborns4always says:

its luke from Jessie:)

Will Hodgey says:

Is 1 of the back up dancers of Jessie

cupcakesandAlyssa says:

Wtf they sound like chipmunks um..

breeanna bird says:

Love you

Christine Timbal says:

Didn’t notice that

Christine Timbal says:

Oh yeh

LoveSavannah101 says:

Did anyone notice that Cameron Boyce was one of their backup dancers?

chics4change says:

They suck

Neonpeacelol says:



cantan muy lindo y ese cabesa de papa les puso mal

vikinka veverova says:


vikinka veverova says:

They cant sing

Apple AJ, AJ Lover says:

they cant sing… 

Valeria Lahoz Ojeda says:

Cantan súper bien estas tres niñas

dhelvin singh says:

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Abigail smith says:

Beautiful and amazing singer at this young ages x

HailToHaileyy says:

They should change it to Calico Hearts… avery & the calico hearts makes avery seem like an attention lover now.. imma go back to listening to rock music & keep wondering how I found this video o.e

wishingwellconcordia says:

People who buzz them out r ass holes

dcifjaewifj3iutfhe says:

Is that Sean Lew??

Jinxxy Acklin says:

They were awesome. At that age and they sound that good?! they need a record deal!!

Hammie Lovea says:

I think that there good but they’d be better if they all got at least one solo in the song. No lead signer.

bratzfan11000 says:

They suck butt they are so cute

Kieley king says:

i think the boys should dance for the judges. xP

Madison Porter says:

They suck, they’re just a bunch of shit wanna bees

Kay Perez says:

they suck

flyfree25 says:

we saw them but avery moved away

AzmBea says:

they are the chipmunks (the girl ones)

isandgurl21 says:

anyone else stunned by those boys lol

Melody Moshi says:

Yah your right 

Wiktoria Matuszewska says:

They should make a kids got talent x

Anahi Rocha says:

They do sing great but I think that there shouldn’t be one lead singer in a singing group . Like then what’s the point? I think they have talent but they should all have a turn to express it.

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