white and nerdy lyrics

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download: http://amzn.to/SdB2KG.


billybobjoegeorge3 says:

actually it’s okay for the non-abbreviated form

CelestrianAngelHeart says:

When I heard “Earl Gray Tea” I instantly thought Ciel Phantomhive! Haha.

Shane Backode says:

or know pi to 1000 places???
i think not

Shane Backode says:

but do you spend evry weekend at the renaissance fair?

smokintheblaze says:

I was in the Chess Club, I edited Wikipedia, and I also Collect The Flash comic books. I also, on a side note, Play Magic The Gathering very often.

But I’m Black…….

Autumn Fluty says:

Haven’t listened to this song in a year. Still can rap every lyric. LIKE A BOSS!!!

2olluxCaptorII2 says:


Richard Ford says:

sounds like me.

Brooke Darby says:

ha XD my bad lol

malgaines says:


TheLegend339 says:

I think it is a case of type impediment.

Lucas Chadwick says:

This is me.o(^_^)o

Lilli Lewis says:

Homestuck club?! Let me love you… (>*-*)>

Dimas Alataz says:

nice song

kayceeBurtonFreak says:

im in the av club, writing club,harry potter club, and im manager of a homestuck club… im a huge dork as well… oh god…

GrubbyFanatic20 says:

I am white and nerdy.

palieterken says:

Ridin dirty – Chamillionaire

goku rage says:

in front lawn

goku rage says:

the see me pooin

Barry Saunders says:

Cool song

Tarik Arslan says:

“hope you enjoyed” no i fking didnt.

Animaljamvideos12354 says:

Ridin dirty

coco candy says:


CrazyBossGirl says:

whats the orginal song called

TheOreozNMilk says:

I thought it was gonna say, ”They see me trollin’, dey hatin.”

Brooke Darby says:

I believe she meant “awesome”

Mary Welch says:

lol I love this song!!!

Brilea Rose says:

Try to catch me ride and dirty what????

Animeluvplz says:

He said ‘It’s O.K, but fucking awesome.’
Hope that helps, lol

iPascale1 says:

1:01 he said my name :))

Ashil Foolchand says:

my dear friend it says it is ok but fucking awesome plz oliver whitehead I got 2 words for you LEARN ENGLISH

Aimee Sadler says:

Amazing °_°

Flutter BLARGH says:

nvm XD

Flutter BLARGH says:

No its not, It sounds like its saying “Ridin dirty”, thou.

Dequan Hids says:

Budder: a concentrated form of THC, the main psychoactive chemical in cannabis (marijuana)

emastrian45 says:

I love that song

philipp yolin says:

the real song is “ridin dirty”

philipp yolin says:

7310th subscriber BITCH

makaylatexas says:

it is the real song name

CompTechGamers says:

This describes me 100% =D *tears of happines and hatrid of broccoli*

CompTechGamers says:

*facepalm* that technology will only be invented in about next millenium!

SymphFan01 says:

Thank you =) Still nonsensical, but at least it’s legible XD

TwizzlerTwizzler90 says:

I dont get why we are talking about munecraft on a video that ha snothing to do with minecraft…

toxicsniper490 says:

It’s called ridin dirty

Maximiliano Ferreyra says:

how is the name of the real song ?

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