Attraction (Shadow Theatre Group) 1st Audition Britain’s Got Talent

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Attraction perform an emotional love story. ***SONG: EMELI SANDÉ – READ ALL ABOUT IT (PART 3)*** The song at the e…


jenna kate says:

im crying so hard i cant breahte i dont ???

Deorica Zamora says:

Awesome is he a robot

Shaddic D says:

When they came out I was like WHERE’S THE LITTLE GIRL? WTF .-.

Mathilde Aaby Aaes says:


Dhrubajeet Deka says:

Watched it over 20times. Cry everytime. Its just so beautiful

Hanna David says:

they made ppl cry :(

joeruff66 says:

How could you not like this??

lovemoviesful2 says:

He’s like”Yeah…I am very thirsty right now…whatever dude…”

Ashleigh Jackel says:

His mouth when he is about to sip it’s so fucking weird

Chelsea Last says:

Amazingggg so unique and inspirational

Victor Reategui says:

Just look at it, fully. Very emotional, pretty well done, and the entire act couldn’t get better soundtrack. Doesn’t matter what you are made of, it just reach a deepest fiber in you.

Marko ZD says:

yes,wtf?!?! where is the problem with Hungary?

sam alshebany says:

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n8tivedragon says:

There is actually a country in this world that is free? Where and how?

br45508 says:

Reminds me why people joined the military to sacrifice to keep our country free

Lieanvii Domondon says:

emotional and touching..

Paulus Hutagalung says:

they went out of mainstream that best performance must be done in 3D and back to the simplicity of 2D in its lowest form… silhouette. and they made it as much as we want to see again and again and again. epic

maggieiate says:

Best show

gente rara says:

ooooo estan hermoso!!!!

AV292 says:


Varsityporter says:

Very heart touching

ana patricia solis says:

Hey guys! Can you watch my new cover of this song:) I hope you enjoy the video and spread the voice and if you like it please subscribe!:)

Thu Phuong says:

Amazing! Love watching it.

maax jose says:

simplismente chorei

thisthevymate says:

Damn,crying again and it’s the fourth time I watched it.!

Jenna F says:

I will put in other channel Ross TY !

Jenna F says:

Sooooooooooooooo woinderful and I adore Simon :)

Thank you Ross for sharing ~

Nayeli Lopez says:


Brenna Rae says:

I just got the chills

pandalove2218 says:

This was phenomenal

Henrik Löndahl says:

Most beautiful thing i ever seen

Ashleigh Jackel says:


MeGaN stole ur bubbles says:

this is so amazing and emotional it makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time

MyLovelyCraft says:

Very touching…. <3

kaitlinjsanders says:

I could watch this all day!!!!!

Jadyn Ortiz says:


texeira963able says:

Y a millones

texeira963able says:

Precioso video a hecho llorar miles de personas

Nadia Aguilar says:


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