Weatherman Goes Diarrhea On Air

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Weatherman has a bit of an accident on air. Check out my channel:


GalleryOfVoid says:

High pressure

Johnathan O'Rourke says:

Those who don’t have diarrhea.

CjsAudioFx says:


poodles602 says:

You know what? Why is every single stinking person in the world posting these dang bitly links? Crap you sir.

PirateTravisJohnson1 says:

How can we be sure that shit coming out of him has anything to with it.?. Maybe he has shankroids or aftershock from male enhancments that he needed to go hammer flat…

TheCanadianToker1 says:

nice job buying likes.

jasonjrf says:

Johnny poo poo pants

jasonjrf says:

LOL he just looks so uncomfortable trying to hold it in

vikas thakur says:

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Riokushinaku says:


andyc0529 says:

Tinyanewton stop being such a diva,its narural

Jennilee Castrovillari says:

No he just has cramps .

DanNZ4 says:

God this has to be one of the embarrassing moments of a life time,

tinyanewton says:


Adrian Dippel says:

Well someone got the runs

Peter Beedle says:

When I was young my parents called it a “soft bottom”. So when I started school I asked the teacher if I could go to the toilet. Being the last few minutes of the day she asked me why I couldn’t wait. So I was forced to say “I have a soft bottom” – well, the whole class erupted in laughter, including the teacher. I was so embarrassed I did it there and then. The rest of the class got an early mark while the teacher had to clean it up. Serves her right!

Austin Bowen says:


BrainToMush says:

It didn’t look like he actually shit his pants. This is lame.

neckarsulme says:

What kind of weatherman can’t predict his own shitstorm?

purple0wnzx says:

LOL ikr was just about to say that then i saw your comment

Jack B says:

HAHA I didn’t thanks dude

FirstRoundDowner says:

I see what you did there

creeper tuner says:

The weather forecast matches with his “DIRE” situation. Ha,ha, he, he.

SuperLastMohican says:

The first and last time I shit my pants was when I was 12.

xDDoubleX says:

I guess visiting a toilet before going live ain’t that bad of an idea.

Natalie Bundy says:

there really wasn’t anything that indicated that he just shit himself…cramp-age, but no drip-age…didn’t see it…and kinda glad about that too.

Andy Masters says:

Big whoop, the guy had some bad Chinese food the night before and can’t hold in the liquid fury of his stomach contents. I feel bad for the guy but it’s no reason to fire him or even laugh at him. I’ve shit my pants before from eating bad food, needless to say it was embarrassing.

LoneWulff829 says:

Yes, but don’t worry, it shall pass soon.

halomasterchief14 says:

its gonna be a real $hit storm

07Strawberry08 says:

I feel bad for people that have to go through this in public all over t.v. I mean IF that we’re me I’d never want to show my face in public again I’d be so embarrassed so I can’t even imagine how he must have felt afterwards.

noizzze79 says:

where to laugh?

pandamay22 says:

Doo point!! Haha!

TheDirtball524 says:

He sharted…

D. Scott Whitaker says:

Shit happens….even to the weather man…lol

Julio Aquino says:

I know what it feels like =/

Adam Smith says:

You know I’m here for the action

makikomi says:

You over-explained it.

TheFreeVoiceover says:

Potty you’re body. That can make you feel all-right.

MOTUL76 says:

Good on him for hanging in there haha

cance7984 says:

I couldn’t have said it better myself. TWO THUMBS UP!

ShadeyBladey says:

You know, that is the first time that has ever occurred to me! I’d love to hear it spoken in a Brooklyn accent.

munchkinsmomable says:

I think “a lot of high pressure” is what set him off…

BrickDaForce says:

good one XD

DamnRightGaming says:

1: He mentioned One Direction.
2: He quoted this as that part of Youtube. This is mild as all Hell. This isn’t even the entrance to the weird side, or what he called that part on Youtube.

That’s my all-serious answer. Thank you for your time.

2up3rm4n1 says:

Ah, been there, done that. No biggie.

blizzardRM10 says:

I just totally LOL’d at this man

Lounis Merabet says:

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Lub Dub says:

Christ said judge not, lest ye be judged but surely there must be more appropriate videos to preach about Jesus than one called “Weatherman Goes Diarrhea On Air”

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