How Not to Start an Interview

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A host mixes up John Cusack with Kevin Spacey. From USC Trojan Vision’s Take 5 (this was NOT aired) *update: This student is not a film student.


chvilla says:

Wow why did i think he was in that too?

arherrington says:

WTF is Film School? Get a real job.

Buu5buu says:

I never accused you of wasting your life. War Mong, please interpret what I type. That being said, criticizing cretins such as John Cusack and yourself takes no time at all. “Change ur rotten tampon”. What a funny little fag you are. You make me laugh, I find you amusing, but you’re an asshole. I’ll tell you what, War Mong, the next time you’re drooling over celebrities you can put my rotten tampon in your slack jaw mouth to soak up some of the drool, k?

Buu5buu says:

Ha, ha, you’re hilarious.  Ok, I’ll watch those crappy films AGAIN! If you watch some shit on a stick, deal? She kept asking him because she was embarrassed and thought the douche might have been joking and she would’ve handled the situation better if the precious actor didn’t act like such a dick. What’s your problem, are you gay for this fag?

warmaker911 says:

Classy stuff, asshat. John Cusack is definitely NOT a shit actor. Go watch High Fidelity, Grosse Pointe Blank, 1408, Identity, etc. Secondly, we’re deriding her from being an ignorant dummy for a fuckin’ film school student who is dumb enough to further accentuate her stupidity by not believing the very actor who’s telling her he wasn’t in the movie. Thirdly, it’s kinda ironic that you accuse me of wasting my life on celebrity worship yet you watch these vids; so change ur rotten tampon and STFU

Buu5buu says:

“She’s not there as a fan, but as a journalist. And a good journalist comes prepared and informed about the subject”. And I’m supposed to give a fuck why? He’s an actor and a shit one at that. So what if she thought he was in a film that he wasn’t in? I know, let’s kill the bitch for making a mistake about something that isn’t even important. By the way, “War Mong”, I’d rather be a fucking moron than a dumb cunt that drools over celebrities. Have a nice day, fuck face.

warmaker911 says:

You’re such a fucking moron. She’s not there as a fan, but as a journalist. And a good journalist comes prepared and informed about the subject in order to frame smart questions that the fans would love to know the answer to. It’s a job and you’re supposed to be a lot more professional than a casual fan asking for an autograph.

sfsffsffsfs says:

He is coked up for sure…the only reason why he keeps playing with his nose.

obama vosama says:

What a dick ^^

Buu5buu says:

Typical stuck up actor that thinks his “job” and himself are more important than they really are. Look at how the prick took offense to her thinking he was in a film he wasn’t in. Big deal, you grumpy prick, get over it. And the sycophantic comments in favour of this 2nd rate actor are sickening.

13c11a says:

Appalling. I can’t imagine how anybody like her managed to get an interview with Cusak. And to think she argued with him. She should have been watching his films and reading about his for a week beforehand. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

iamqqqqqqq says:

This is grosse, pointe blank.

Nostro200 says:

boobs’s spotting

ScotsWhaHae1000 says:

ahhahahahaha daft cow !!!

Akmalkhon Ravshanzoda says:

john cusack renained cool which is rare for celebs

PackersFan767 says:

Lmao so awkward

mzk1585 says:

Probably the best part of the whole interview for him.

swiftlaker6 says:

0:07 He’s just casually ‘mirin

millachipmunk says:


jdghgh says:

I think we was too shocked, lol

bree10012 says:

You may need to go back to film class honey

repzard99 says:


MrRolyat98 says:

wow. too funny. at least he wasn’t a dick about it.

Aumbagz says:

“Hahaha it’s like she’s fucking five.”

Stewie Griffin says:

Dumb bitch, hope she drinks a cool aid/cyanide combo.

BGHQ1 says:

Awkward fake nose pick/scratch..

favrerules04 says:

Really? Are you sure? Really?
I think he would know bitch, Jesus

00Andreas00 says:

You don’t have to call her that just becuse she made a mistake, everyone makes mistakes, she doesn’t deserve to be called that. Relax.

00Andreas00 says:

Don’t call her that.

Gasboy92 says:

uh oh we have a racist in the house

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