Full Performance of “We’ve Got Tonight” from “I Do” | GLEE

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Former and current members of New Directions reunite at Will and Emma’s wedding, pairing off for the night in some new and familiar couplings. GLEE returns o…


Kar Kean says:

i got goosebumps everytime i listen to their duets. their voices are perfect together. Im so sorry for Lea. RIP Cory a.k.a Finn

Andrea Nuñez says:

amé tanto esta version de ellos dos :( por qué tuvo que morir Cory !!!!!

ibelieveinyouuu says:

the way he looks at lea .. :( makes me wanna cry, true love

Perla Harrison says:

This will always be my favorite duet!

Gary C says:

this is so heartbreaking now. x

Alondra Aguirre sahagun says:


Taylor Hao says:

R.I.P cory =(

poker827able says:

cory,why dont you stay?
rest in peace

Carro Gomez says:

& I Know Im Not The Only Going Through All The Glee Songs With Cory RIP

Karen JZ says:

This makes me cry..i’m so sad, i can’t believe it yet…

adiego92ad says:

Lea /3

adiego92ad says:


Maggie Vandermar-Poor says:

Such a beautiful song, and beautiful voices. Cory, such a wonderful young man, with so much ahead of him. All I can wish for him is peace, and I am so grateful that i was witness to his amazing talent and mark he left on the world. Rest in Peace. <3

acp8760 says:

Most people only know Cory as his fictional character Finn so yes he is a real person and I think everyone is mourning both him and his character while it seems dumb to be sad about how a show will end it’s really not bc that’s how they know him on tv and not personally so let people be sad about a show its their way of mourning the character and the person rip Cory

Faairy Queen says:

Yo ni miraba Glee Pero Siento feo por Lea Michele porqe en su vida real muy afuera de su Papel El era Su Pareja con qien compartia esos bellos momentos en los qe solamente 1 persona te los puede dar ya no sera lo mismo volver a encontrar a esa persona Especial && es muy Feo Perder A Quien Amas R.I.P. Cory Monteith

Lolita Tucinskaite says:

✞ We’ve got tonight <3

Rachel Mellark says:

I feel like Lea sang her best when she was singing with Cory. R.I.P. Cory. We will miss you and we love you so much. But Lea loved you the most.

安政 邱 says:

road in peace ,Cory . it’s too shock.

bsa1ajoshua says:

The way lea (rachel) sing to him or sing about him :(. I’ll miss that. I’ll truly miss that.

Valerie M Medrano says:

No, Rachel’s audition for Funny Girl was the last performance that they had together. Even though it was still a rendition of the original version, they had to perform it again for that episode.”Don’t Stop Believin” was Finn’s (Cory) first song that he performed on Glee and his last. It is like he came full circle…

peacemkr100 says:

my prayers go out to you,your family, friends, the directors, actors, writers,fellow gleeks and most importantly……my heart goes out to you,Lea Michele, stay strong

peacemkr100 says:

im still crying ;( RIP Cory

chouchou778 says:

I cannot believe how many people just cry about the series and Cory’s character Finn, and wonder how the scriptwriter will write his character off. You should be ashamed of yourselves! Lea lost her fiancé and this loss is so much worse than the loss of any series or movie character. My thoughts are with Cory’s family and friends and especially with Lea.

allmale4utube says:

Eternal Rest grant unto him Oh Lord and let Perpetual Light shine upon him. May he and all the Souls of the faithfully departed Rest in Peace. Amen!

chouchou778 says:

You cry because Finchel, a fictive couple, will never happen again? You should be sad because Lea will never get her boyfriend back.

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