Rihanna feat. Eminem – Love the Way You Lie Part 2 + downloa

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in the Internet too soon leaked song, which will enter into a new album, Rihanna «Loud», whose output is scheduled for November 16, 2010. The track is a continuation of the super-hit of the year «Love The Way You Lie» Eminem from the album «Recovery»

http://freevideomusic.3dn.ru/load/tracks_singls_p romo_cd/rap_hip_hop/rihanna_feat_eminem_love_the_ way_you_lie_part_2_2010_mp3/99-1-0-463


clon_105 says:

love the way you lie …Rihanna tambien sabe cantar esta canción……

dpurplegal says:

I like it… Rihanna and eminem :) GOOD

cihan_d12 says:

shady adamım sen 1 numarasın

fluffy199 says:

Super video Merci :)) .. ………..

berdward says:

şarkı çok güzel ya

Mohd Zaki says:

the new refresh music if i ever had…..

TeamJake15 says:

i luv this song even though its sad.

kalie johnson says:

i like this :)

leahfbw says:

-lloooll great thing, like it by the way go to wendy.blogzop.com

-maddy123- says:

ich möchte es aaauch 😀

Arton Tairi says:

ich will das auch:D

vunny says:

heey :) hat vielleicht irgendjmd das lied ? und könnte es mir schicken? :)

truskawkowoo says:

super !

jazzbella80 says:

i love this song,’cause i love eminem and rihanna

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