Card Throwing

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card throwing at apples,carrots,balloons …


idrisi juma says:

dude where can I find them pls I hate using knife

Rocky Awesomeness says:

thats one way to cook

TheBrianWashed says:


max mclaughlin says:

its ok mom ill cut the food tonight

proleaguegaming1000 says:

that watermelon at the end there looked ace

SODNightslayer says:

scroll diown then you see a comment

cjayem013 says:

uhmm… a card going through a watermelon? I’m in disbelief

Gaming Universe says:

Once again I give this guy another view on a random vid streak

OPELGUY Opelxguy says:

strange… i have not seen any comment on this video who says : fake and gaaaaay.
straaang O.o

joetwo227 says:

Its iron cards i have them to

Dongdot123 says:

Imagine if it’s razor sharp…

Daniel Velička says:


lo kok haw says:

your card is make from iron ?

blackvalley007 says:


xkilza says:

Who the fuck fed Twisted Fate?

Stefan Kojadinov says:

Both are same.Period.

Patrick Reardon says:

freaking X-Menfags…

gameless100 says:

twisted fate real life

aalarcon1097 says:

Must go through decks quickly

Christian Perez says:


Colton Potter says:


Noah Moyer says:

hey you spelled virus wrong

Boulaabi Adem says:


Toyalima Arabella says:

im excited. cant come of out the reality of getting a iphone for doing some questionnaire :) . its not a joke, never forget to fill with your mail id and ph number. dont run away have a try now ==>

Athos Liberatore says:

I miss the times were people who see this stuff will be saying “Gambit” not “Twisted Fate”. Freakin’ LOLfags

Zåid X Jumåizå says:


Baba Wethu says:

Hey, you changed the music!

Marthike9122 says:

Wake up, Dota 2 is shit compared to League.

Marthike9122 says:

That’s it, your getting nerfed, Baahaa The Sheep King.

cameronmx9 says:

Nerf TF..

UNITDW says:


SheepKing Baahaa says:

Sooo many LoL NERDS!!

knigthfigth says:

What is your secret to becoming the ultimate gambit?

pond olsson says:

waste of good cards

Logan Swinamer says:

Who needs knifes anymore!?!

mudyman1 says:

wake up, dota 2 released…

SonicPhoenixs says:

God help anyone who tries to fight you.

desean sweazie says:

Ok you are just walking then you see a guy fall down then you notice there is a card sticking out of his head

Abbyland123 says:

Good knives

wildefice1 says:

dude 0:23 quit massacring your neibourhood >:(

fin kiy says:

imagine if your walking down the street then a fucking card hits you in the head

AGamersShadow says:

Talk about a bad paper cut… >.>

ninjaK398 says:

these are regular cards right?

AJonGAMES says:

lol dude can defend his home with a deck of cards. epic

Daverising98 says:

Good. Now try a pineapple.

John Lennon says:

I would say yes, since I clicked this after a Manson video! XD

sokemon789 says:

These cards are highly trained assasins to kill all of america! D:

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