NO UNDERWEAR – Ray William Johnson – Equals Three =3

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sukhibirphull says:

OMG u cranck me up so hard.dude u have to do more clips nearly every day i like and sub and i dont know wat movie will win but im going with yours

Dr. William Jones the III says:

Just like a glass of wine, a pair of panties must be admired and savoured. Hold the underwear up towards the light to make out its true colour. This is also a good time to catch a preliminary sniff of the gusset so you can appreciate its fragrance. Remember to draw the air into your nose and exhale through your mouth. This liberates the aroma and allows it to reach your nostrils where it can be detected. Also, try pairing your wife’s and step-daughter’s panties to enhance your experience. Ciao.

MrsArchuleta118 says:

The guy WAS actually wearing underwear. They came off when his pants fell down. Watch it again and pay attention to the guy’s pants, ankles, and the trampoline more than the guy’s junk

HYTOfficial says:

Super Adorable? Ehhh… No

Molybdan42 says:

This trampoline video is gold !
Laughing my ass of.

Lukeman1028 says:

1:45 the lady that got tackled has 69 on her jersey lol

austin bain says:

one piece: strong world should have won the ocsars

Yo Mama says:

I had to google rusty trombone..

Ana Maria says:

1:45-you can see that her shirt had the number 69 xD

noobgamer1999 says:

Fuck Avatar is a shit movie

TheYewkeec says:


shumaildanish says:

Pause at 2:01

scullbone1800 says:

He doesn’t approve the message

rosariojurado62 says:

Hey go on youtube and search cop pranks

TheKarinaRox says:

He said not too, now I feel the need too, so I did

Winona Ip says:

That woman’s shirt is number 69

PrideInIndividuality says:

I did e.e

Actilide says:


Izaya Orihara says:

I google it! I regret NOTHING!

Franklin Plak says:

they said search rusty trombone it will be funny… they were wrong -.-

Xertzoh says:

Who else google rusty trumbone?

garsman101 says:

So, that means you are saying, there is no coincidence. :)

Lincoln Cook-Williams says:

Fake and Gay.

Justin Bird says:

No joke about the woman having 69 on her jersey?

Garrett becker says:

I googled rusty trambone sorry ray.

Kali Holly says:

im learning the english from ray

MRtrolololerman says:

I googled Rusty Trombone Lol sex act

Kwekinator117 says:

UGHHH. I Googled rusty trombone. D:

Alec Morin says:

I didn’t knew what rusty trombone was before this video but now i feel…. weard I SHOULD LISTEN TO RAY MORE… 😛

Zane Chilton says:

So did i

Actilide says:

I meant ‘So’

lennertstaels says:

I googled rusty trombone …

garsman101 says:

I think you mean “I THINK NOT!” Unless, of course you are saying, this is no coincidence.

Raquel Loição says:

2:00  HEADSHOT!!!

Actilide says:

Notice how the jersey has 69 on it… COINICIDENCE? I THINK SO!

Ryan Goldberg says:

he told you not to look it up

Ryan Goldberg says:

ray your awesome my fan bro =3 so awesome ray the trapolen part was the funnniest

2013maverick says:

i wish i didnt know what google is right now XD

SnAKeFoRcE001 says:

just don’t google it.

SpeedySecrets215 says:

Me: *googles it* okay I wish I didn’t do that…

SpeedySecrets215 says:

Ray: don’t google it

Mr99mingueenie says:

wtf i was watching the football one on tv while it popped up on here! WWTTTTFF!!!!!!!!!!

Gretel Garcia says:


mikey mancini says:


mikey mancini says:

scroll over the =£ bar with annotations on

bennagonnovaMW3 says:

omg my life is over after googling that

Max Gibbs says:

I googled it and I wish I hadent

Frank Woods says:

I googled it …. don’t google it for your safety …

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