Scream Roller Coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain Grand Opening

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Theme Park Adventure was there at Six Flags Magic Mountain for the Grand Opening of the B&M roller coaster Scream. This is footage of the first ride/riders on the inaugural run, fireworks and all. Note that this video is set to music, which has caused a lot of questions or comments. It should be expressed that TPA included this music because it was the theme song used DURING the opening event of this coaster at Magic Mountain; not our creative styling or choice; we included it to keep the entire feeling of the moment for those who were there that day, as well as to remain historically grounded.


LollipopLuver4520 says:

yea is pretty strange, at some point the first row of people disappeared, but near the end, those people pop out again O_O

LucasSesido says:

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pedroortiguez says:

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Mephidros87 says:

w00t in some parts of the track the people in the first row disappear. cool!

starandonov andonov says:

ho tu miuzik :(

jose martinez says:


waldenhouse says:

Is this the one where all those people died?

rubigarnet says:

Scream is slower than how it looks and the inversions feel just like the revolution, also this ride is extreamly smooth. Even smoother than the goliath

ThemeParkAdventure says:

There have been many shows and programs over the years on various channels that showcase new coasters, their designers and how they work. The shows are for the mass public, so they don’t often get TOO technical. But, they’re still fun to watch!

ThePinkhearts5 says:

i have never been on an upsidown ride

Hyzeeful says:

Dragon khan.

Tiffany Brack says:

2:20 blue face guy

hughvane says:

Is there a documentary video on how roller coaster equipment and machinery is conceived, designed and put together? I’m fascinated by the physics of it, and the level of construction skill required. Not to mention safety factors!

Nathaly Cavalcante says:

What a shame that here in Brazil that do not have a

gato tomates says:

La montaña rusa se vee mas suave y bien hecha

LiveOnce07 says:

I swear nobody knows about this ride, whenever I go this is always the shortest wait, there is never a line and I like the ride

kerie saunders says:

ya the music does ruin the clip

ThemeParkAdventure says:

Great question, and it prompted us to alter/add to the text explaining the video. This particular video was from the Opening Day of Scream, and that song was what the park used for the event. That is why it is included in our video – it wasn’t a creative choice, but simply added due to it being the “theme” of the coaster during its introduction to the coaster world.

sjtom57 says:

Why the devil does everyone feel they need to make a coaster vid into a music vid? I’ll take real coaster sounds anyday.

spencerthecodgod2000 says:

Its Bazarro Backwards

clubpfan01 says:

This is the same thing as bizarro in Six Flags Great Adventures. Exact. I went on it but its nothin to brag about 😛

FascistCrab says:

Exactly like the dominator at kings dominion

ThemeParkAdventure says:

Scream actually packs a very decent punch and is faster than you might think. Looking at any roller coaster, it is hard to judge what the ride actually feels like – it’s a whole new ballgame when you’re on the thing.

ThemeParkAdventure says:

The point of this video was to document the opening of the roller coaster, not to provide a POV flow-through. Take notice of the date posted; there weren’t cheap Go-Pros or simple solutions to HD on-ride recording. We are very well aware of the desire for folks to see coaster POVs, and can’t recommend our friends at Theme Park Review highly enough; they’re the leader in that type of footage. This however, was simply the opening of the ride.

hugefanofdisney says:

Dude or whoever recorded this, like plzz next time go on it if you wanna put a video on!! Just saying OK????!! Not trying to be rude Kk yahh just recomending that -.-

Beatlesdrummer94 says:

@hoanes1 its a model of six flags great adventures’ Bizarro!

WeNomOnNazi says:

Looks fun, but a little slow too. So many people and a four row car must be slowing it down! Would be more fun if it was smaller

Mimi Mimi says:

ودي فيها:”(

ano0om1 says:

هذي الالعاب من جد
لبيييييه ي العربان -3333

deenoaddams says:

Its not even scary i got on it today

soniar659 says:

Fun ride i got on it

latuyaguey11 says:

Omg I got on that ride and it is painful

blackopsgam3ing12 says:

This is the dominator at kings dominion

tanyaross88 says:

Looks fun :)

mandark692000 says:

and you call this scary coaster?

matty101XD says:

Its like the song was made for the Coaster.

oriolet homoapm says:

It’s a draghon khan of portAventura… Copy and paste

Nadeen Jradi says:

Ill throw up

SuperBoricuaboi says:

Looks like X flight at the drop in the beginning

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bria brown says:

I go to six flags alot of time but I never got on that ride

madison skelton says:

Omg I am terrified of roller coasters and my sad asked if I wanted to go and I said yes is that a good thing

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