Fritz Kalkbrenner – Facing The Sun (Official Video)

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Directed by Casey Bertie, Edited by Craig Ferguson at the Casting by BUY IT HERE: Digital: iT…


Mischa Katoen says:

Awesome song, awesome girls!

skate penner says:

bei diesem lied oder der jahreszeit wird mir heiß und ich bekomm gänse Haut

TheBlogShowTb says:

Perfekt für dieses Wetter!!!

Tarek sunplace says:

Bei dem wetter kann das lied nichts toppen!!

summer 2013, we love you!!! !

Donic Musik says:

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But I got not much listeners at all!
I’m pretty sure, you won’t be disappointed! :)

Benny R. says:

Danke !!!! 31 Grad *-* !

MrSHD27 says:

1:22 der Typ ist der Hammer 😀

Schnitz13 says:

Ich hab’ Berlin gern!

capezzolona82 says:

We will facing the sun, waiting for these tings to come
We smiling high watching the good things passing by
Pretend the feeling fine, but inside we’re crying sometimes
It ain’t what it seems, nothing but a dream
And the faces get void and the lights getting thin
And the roads become uneven, so we don’t know where we’ve been And those who doubt us, will soon believe
We are never supposed to win or even to achieve

nyzee1991 says:

Juiicyy beats ist er dabei jaaackpot :DD

TheMrQuino says:

NICE one ! Great job ..
Quino - Meet someone 😀

TheCrackerJack79 says:

Wonderful Track

Ponte Fiasco says:

I see him live in Sopron next week, I can’t wait <3

Valentina Otal-Pradas says:

++Belle musique

fabrizio pappi says:

let you think about things # good song !!

TheGulaschface says:

Fritz Kalkbrenner liked auch die Sachen von Ambition², ich feier die auch total!

Proteus Kaliope says:

so true and beautiful!

Charlie Brull says:


pufarinu says:

my soul thanks you Fritz !!! 

pufarinu says:

Most beautiful song !!!

PeepsILoveEllie says:

yooo ich liebs 😀
so ein chilliged Lied!
der Beat ist einfach genial.

anischiller21 says:

Das beste Sommerlied überhaupt! Macht einfach gute Laune :)

Steven Fruß says:

es ist sommer :)

H3llRai5a says:

My cousin was on that Linkin Park concert ^^
It was some days after his 16th birthday.

Jana Camber says:

congratulations Fritz..
your music is charming and have a sense:)

Magdalena Netzker says:

Großartiges Lied !

josipa bratic says:

00:46 linkin paaaaaaarrrrrkkkkkk

jankojankowic says:

♬♫♪♪♫♪♫ (>‿◠)✌ ♬♫♪♪♫♪♫ ッ

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