The Walls – Lewis and Simon

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Four teams have 15 minutes to prepare for battle when the walls come down! Check out other viewpoints from the event at the links below: Lewis and Simon: htt…



That is the cave VintageBeef was in!

aZa tosa says:

What texturepack is that?

boardturtle says:

Lol that backstabbing barstard named Simon

boardturtle says:

3:41 a chest in the water

Lazy-Cat Martin says:

Nowa days, on the Walls servers, people use x-ray, to see hiding players, and as well get lots of ores and goodies

mike alegria says:

so far teh yogscast and tobuscus and maybe pewdiepie are the best youtubers since they are invited to do movies and news live sometimes

creepcamproductiobns says:

The grass blocks breaking were the sheep eating

Cho Fook Man says:

Where has your pvp playlist gone?

dabos159 says:

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Thebulletdoger55555 says:

Eat shit lol

kidwolf1988 says:

“WE won,we won” BAM! “there can only be one” xD

wrathsangel666 says:

Sips and Sjin… those devious bastards

gracefuljug2047 says:

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corbin devenney says:

BOOM!!! goes the dynamite. :)

Brett Poundall says:

Rendog texture pack

Xavier Klein says:

Where is Volts there must be more volts

FukPhysics says:

These minecraft pvp games look so fun. Its amazing the kind of stuff you can do in minecraft now.

D.J Fravie says:

Below is an example of why they disabled comments.

Gavin Sweeney says:

They are so bad……

bukowskaj11 says:

Allow us to comment your other vids!!!!!!!!!!

Connor Sweo says:

It was pretty obvious sips and sjin had been there. 😛

Victoria Burpitt says:

So funny that massive ”eat shit” sign is so original lolololool

Mixlop2000 says:

That trap was amazing 😀

Charles Amburgey says:

Ideot honeypoop

NerdyNarwhal Pie says:

Honeydew should have made a flint and steel ans set fire to everybody! Like if you agree!

driskellqfairyg says:

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Zach Moncur says:


miniminers1234 says:

Talk about trolling

MissClan Shauna says:

@KIDCON26 because of spam

KIDCON26 says:

How come they disable most comments now da fuq??

Perrin Bond says:

what it the tat

nathan payne says:

There where people walking around in the sky!

nathan payne says:

did anyone else catch the daimond at 6:05?

Joe Santos says:

whats the texture pack

Fabio Araujo de Melo says:

this is highlander !!! 

berserkdress6425 says:

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drz2014 says:

Spend 15 minutes building a fake trap and somehow win? impossible!

Akio Machmud says:

Good boy

Akio Machmud says:

Punch the wall bij chest

Yousif Al-Furaiji says:

when simon said “there can only be one” it reminded me of optimus prime when he says “till all are one my friend”

Yousif Al-Furaiji says:

so much difference

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