Crazy Ride

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I wonder why people want to do this….


Genadi Gabodze says:


Fali Lifa says:

dei ist doch nicht CRAZY !!!!!!

kiopopopoirereiuiii says:

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regoConker says:

i almost fell out one of those^^

manarymz says:

وااو وش ذا جنوووون
سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم

retroF88 says:

That looks fuckin awesome

gamequeen2006 says:

Even I would do that.

nawaf nawaf says:

i like this game ;p

mariokartwii123100 says:


0lionsaad says:

والله فله تمنيت اكون عندهم

rayan389658 says:


shooteng says:

مغامره عجيبه بس الحمد لله مو بالكويت

سبحان الله وبحمده

RespectYellows says:

Lawl they have this at canadas wonderland, but a bit smaller

غدوش 22 says:

والله فله بس يبطون ملاههي الروضه والحكير ! :(

عبود العتيني says:

احسن مافيها الموي

ho0omysweety22 says:

يمممماااا يخووووف بس وناصه

mjmj4003 says:


wfaa54329moon says:


RaPiiD987 says:

Looks gay

WackoEverywhere says:

Looks like that thing is gonna shake itself loose.

WackoEverywhere says:

Free bath.

ehsaskaled says:

قمه الوناسه اني
اكون في وسطهم
ونا بالسروال والفنيله

jojofrhable says:

ي بطننننني

Octavian Scarlatescu says:

How many ppl die each day in that thing :P?

atheer1666 says:

ونااصصصصصصصصصصه 😉

yousefprivate says:



وناااسسة ياااااي بالمووية

sarku top says:

Damn, I would ride that all day long

baaaab20 says:

وناسه مررره

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