Nightmare in broad Daylight!!! (Caught in a cyclone!)

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The LPG/C Antwerpen, a Liquified Gas Carrier is Caught in one of the Bay of Bengal’s worst Cyclones…. welcome to a sailor’s worst nightmare!! Update: take a look at this link for people who think that the ship behaved quite well in this video!! :


伍百萬 差し上げます says:

【】皆様にご相談があります…どなたかお金にお困りの方おりませんか?私は自分のお金の使い道に困っております。自分の諸事情なのですが…どなたか5,000,000円受け取って下さる方いらっしゃいませんか?どなたにでもお譲り致します。条件等は一切ございません。いきなりこんな所に書き込んでしまって失礼を承知の上ですが、どなたかに受け取って頂きたく思っております。受け取って頂けるという方は、こちらから【】か又は、youtube内の動画検索にて『 本金譲 』で、検索して頂きますと、受取人様の準備ができ次第、最短30分程でお受け取りする事ができます。急な話で信じられないかもしれませんが、人生の転機は急に訪れるものです。お困りの方はご連絡の方お待ちしております。準備は出来ていますので本日中にでもお渡しできます。

36427chicago says:

I ment bad warm gogo juice a.k.a. (beer).!!!

36427chicago says:

Stop being a bitch.!!!
It’s not an ALL year event.
You know that you’ve got to swallow the bad warm once in a while to enjoy a cold ass mug of gogo brew tomarrow. Seize with all that noise yo.!!!

Krowsnose says:

I think I’m developing a phobia of ships from these youtube vids

EarlofCrawford says:

“When the waves turn the minutes to hours”

fourstickstree says:

I’ll never comprehend technology. How a vessel can defeat the most powerful force on Earth, via gravity, and a close second the power of water.

Lopez Lopezarus says:

“Some days are better than others” :)

BetterThePlanet says:

Awesome Video, Watching this makes me wish I was out catching some good footage. The music selection is perfect for this video.

Taurusboy2903 says:

Ha Ha Ha! What else will the Dickhead do with his Balls made up of diamond-encrusted titanium/magnesium alloy!

theartist124 says:

Nice choice of song!

demonlord365 says:

I swear i thought that the ship was going to flip over at some point…

Mike Greco says:

god i would be shitting bricks

Steve Wander says:

LHA-1 Tarawa had waves cresting the flight deck on a West-pac tour in ’89. Out of San Francisco. Imagine 300 seasick Marines in one place….

rentanic1 says:

This is why I never, ever, ever want to work on a ship.

aliased says:

Wow – this is extremely Real Life.
Viewing it on my screen seems ironic
[ -ally not very much so at all ]

Taurusboy2903 says:

Balls of diamond-encrusted titanium/magnesium alloy! Great! But Sorry Buddy – I aint interested in eating those! Instead i would prefer a Warm Hairless Pussy! Ha Ha Ha!

LancesterHardwood says:

resonance frequency is a bitch!!!

wwwtotalitaerde says:

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FreshurricaneSix says:

i have balls of diamond-encrusted titanium/magnesium alloy. eat that mr. steel balls.

lllitrehead says:

hehe glad im at home drinkin whiskey in me favourite whiskey drinkin chair, aaaahhhhhr!!!

lllitrehead says:

30 degrees roll! fuck me captain thats because we need to turn 40 degrees starboard!!!!!

lllitrehead says:

make that 10!!!!!!!

lllitrehead says:

5 derees starboard captain!!!!

deep416841 says:

lets wear your boxer and get ready to swim. the cyclones even gets worst there in bay of bengal.

MKJustine826 says:


mrnightowl says:

I come back here to watch/listen to this every week. You need to put videos out like this every month sir!

icemanroyal says:

those pipes you see are used to load and unload the cargo areas. They connect all the tanks throughout the length of the ship, it s not just one big cargo tank, but several seperate compartments all along the length. the pipes connect all the different cargo loading areas. When the ship docks they connect the hoses to one end and the pipes will carry cargo to all the different tanks.

USFanLovesMinHo says:

How in the world did the Nina, the Pinta and the Santamarie make it through without getting crushed.

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