Tsunami Hits Thailand & South East Asia!

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Dedicated to all 2004 December 26th Boxing Day Tsunami Victims, families,those injured, and those otherwise affected. The terrible devastation and the aftermath of this catastrophe caught on tape. The 2004 Boxing Day tsunami was triggered by an earthquake off the north-west coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra. It killed 230000 people in a dozen Indian Ocean countries, 170000 of them in Indonesia’s Aceh province alone. Sri Lanka and Thailand were severely impacted by the tsunami on December 26, 2004. Tsunami Thailand 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake was an undersea earthquake that occurred at 00:58:53 UTC (07:58:53 local time) December 26, 2004, with an epicentre off the west coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. Surprisingly, some islands right in the middle of the tsunami were not badly affected. It turns out their atolls, or coral reefs, absorbed much of the wave. The coral ridges protected them. In many regions of the Asian waters, there is a practice some fishermen use, of dynamiting the natural coral reefs to bring up fish. These barriers to the tsunami were no longer in place to deflect the water. The disaster promoted a global outpouring of sympathy, with governments, individuals and corporations pledging more than $13 billion in aid. According to UN database, nearly two years after donors pledged billions to help the victims only half the money had been spent. Of the half a million people left homeless by the disaster, only a third have been permanently rehoused. The


LouLope says:

How very sad, especially all the children who died. Rest in peace all of you. :(

Strategichan425 says:

Scary world we live in.

YaBigFreak says:

I absolutely love historical events and fun facts. Do you? If so, check out “That Was History” on youtube.

martymars says:

Humans are just along for the ride on this floating marble in space. We tend to forget this.

Delemini says:

1:14.. You Shall not pass!!

7within says:

Reminds me of the mad dulum master from the movie – Tsunami Warriors

hottbeats18 says:

Mannn horrible….poor babies.:( n families … RIP

TarikProductions says:

I don’t understand why everyone focused so much on Thailand while a lot more people died in other countries, like Indonesia..

TheLazahYoda says:

I’d say lack of knowledge as well as being “captured by the view”, I can imagine the initial wave being a very powerful and beautiful view before it hit land.

saxmanchiro says:

Yep, it sure is. Your point?

stickan90 says:

My favorit part was when people died :D

NecroDhalia says:

R.I.P Mieszko Talarczyk…

MadeInGefle says:

1:14 wtf, just sitting there :(

SKeeetcher says:

The Pacific is a different sea from the Indian Ocean.

Ueslei Charles says:

Muito triste….


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Nick Nocturnous says:

u cant stand in a tsunamie -_-*

thenworhemity1 says:

Maybe the weather was not in an extremely populated area.

Dorisequador says:

WOW very sad..

ricks9092 says:

The UN is in charge of the money???? ITS GONE ALREADY!!!!!

bettyg10123 says:

welltoo bad for them their retarded af

thebigblob417 says:

have some respect they were in shock and were confused.

pianotrainee says:

In your opinion lol. Everyone has their own opinion, I was merely correcting his so others will not be mislead.

beatthesuckeyes8 says:

Sorry to tell you the sad truth, but there is no such thing as either.

saintbeast24 says:

same fucking thing would happen in america of there was no one alerting people of a distant earthquake or tsunami warning. these people don’t have a media fucking off at them every minute of the day so they had no idea WTF was going on.. can you only imagine? normal day one minute, next minute there are hundreds of thousands of bodies laying around. :( so sad.. i was just reading about the town of lhoknga in sumatra. went from 7,500 residents to 400. fucking insane. 33 meter wave. WTF.

Addonsfogames says:

7:27 = (

toon7129 says:

I never gonna go to Puket again or some where else that have sea.

pianotrainee says:

this is just awful >.< poor poor people uhg I hate this!

pianotrainee says:

Satan did this idiot. Get it right. God would never destroy innocent people like that.

Azsur3n says:

I still don’t get why you people blame God for everything that happens.

TimmyGal says:

You must be from the WBC!

PhillipTerry103 says:

Wow. My cousin was in this tsunami when he was still at the orphanage. His story is sad. His mom was a prostitute and she couldnt take care of of him so she gave him to her grandparents who gave him to there neighbors who abandoned him. The people found him and they sold him as a slave. Then the authorities found him and put him in an orphanage. Then my aunt adopted him like 6 – 8 months ago. Sad

winx350 says:

you are a sick fuck and I hope that you and your trash bag cunt of a family get murdered and rott in hell you shit licking peice of steaming shit. I would beat your fucking skull with a brick if I ever found you ya maggot. Rott in a pile of shit fucker.

MrSafari12 says:

@LANO500 Wow! I’m glad u survived though I don’t know u. :)

ysramd33 says:

شوفو قدره الله سبحان الله

doctorzoidberg2005 says:

Nice music track. Anyone know the name?

brixdog44 says:

Interesting that the missing children pictures at the end were all white kids….

DirtyPixelable says:

Do you want to know why they starred at it? well tell me that you wouldn’t be astonished if a 70 foot wave was heading your way, knowing your death was right ahead of you…

victorplz says:

spare us please

Isaiah633 says:

My God did that and it is perfect, absolute. More is coming to this doomed and perverted planet. Buckle up heathens.!!!!

scooterkid678 says:

i think thats there house

olivia burley says:

Omg I dropped my ipod on the floor when i saw the amount of water going into that swimming pool!!!! 

UnzMoov says:

this tells me alot what i didn’t know

Globalcurrencyent says:


saxmanchiro says:

Lots of energy let go underground from those tectonic plates. Same thing over in Japan last yr and it will be happening again and again since this area is the Pacific Ring of Fire. Every high schooler learns about this phenomenon in Earth Science. Sad to see so many lose their lives and homes. Hope they can find somewhere else to live so that they can be safe.

rileypoole1234 says:

I’ve always found that Natives American beliefs are extremely pure and true. I love Native American culture. I really find it interesting. Thank you for your insight.

whitefawn01 says:

We believe there are energy in all things that are living from trees, animals and rocks. We believe in one Creator or Great Spirit. There are other spirits that assist him(angels) along with spirit guides. We give them animal figures to recognize them such as animal spirits, depending on there strengths. There are good and evil spirits. Bad energy can create evil energy spirit or poltergeists, this is were we use sweet grass or sage to purify, evil doesn’t like anything pure.

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