Breeding program on Prathida

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Second day of Breeding program on Prathida at Thai Elephant Conservation Center


pktophaha says:

555+ ช้างเย็ด

sigmund420 says:

You sir must be lonleu

Sophie Boakes says:

Who is Kevjumba?

iMagicBananas says:

i find this hard to masturbate to

sorcerer2001 says:

did you film this with your butt hole?!

mymu3uk2y01 says:


1PureGaming says:

and if he didn’t? thumbs down, right?

weareyourmother says:

I regret nothing., as i ride on my donkey wearing a sombrero the we stop at the mexican store to get me a sombrero to:D

Destiny Ogletree says:

I would walk away to jus standing mi

lulabear570 says:

I want that up me

adam k says:

go dumbo !!!

swankydog says:

what is the average amount of male elephant ejaculate per mating, like a quart and a half??

feebix says:

Well a prehensile penis would certainly make midnight peeing an easier affair! Look at it go!! LOL

acplight says:

why is this shit in my recommendations?

nothacked says:

my g friend and i find these funny

whoubsing says:

Whos your Dumbo ? whooooooos your dumbo?

xnoo2x says:

احوه هههه

MexicanAimbot says:

How did i get from kevjumba to elephant porn

chakimhamzah says:

kontolnya segede itu? gimana kl gajah kawin ama orang?

Aang4Katara says:

Top 2 Annoying comments
1.Boner!! hahaha XD!!!
2.I find these easy to masterbate!
3.I’m serious.

kennyken0098 says:


gundam6002 says:


videotater says:

big trunk, little trunk. did you see how that thing seemed to have a mind of its own? sheeeeeeeit

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