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Explore the world in 30 seconds with Smiley on our TV ad! Welcome to our first ever TV ad! Smiley is here to inform the world about our excellent cheap holidays. Keep your eyes peeled for Smiley as he takes a journey around the world visiting a selection of our top destinations! This will be the first of many exciting Smiley adventures and don’t forget; it’s not just Smiley that can jet off on fantastic holidays, whether you’re looking to book a family holiday, romantic getaway or a city break, we have a fantastic range of cheap hotels and flights here at, so find your perfect tailor made holiday for an affordable price today!


Jonny188881 says:

The voice over is annoying, But 90% of adverts annoy me and this one isn’t in my top 20 for being annoying …. So I guess it’s ok

SulliGaming says:

3.2 million views 11 likes…. ha.

Moelander1 says:

all i sea!

dronespace says:

Don’t think I’ve seen it on TV, but I’ve it tons of times on Youtube videos.

LowCostHolidays says:

Thanks for the comment, glad to hear you are a fan :)

LowCostHolidays says:

What do you guys think of our TV advert? Have you seen it on Sky?

tillymint213 says:

i cant find holidays any where cheeper, its always the first sight i go to.

vidclickful says:

13 seconds….sunglasses, 24 secs – beret

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