8 Facts About Food That Will Totally Creep You Out

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Disclaimer: Don’t eat a hot dog while you watch this. Song credit: https://soundcloud.com/light-foot/mol… Based on these two BuzzFeed posts: http://www.buz…


JPK314 says:

Quite the discrepancy between the two top comments.

FogellofDot says:

“cancer causes substances”, could be anything

TheUnicornofRainbow says:

this is why we always buy organic food and pick our own cherries and etc

SuperAstris says:

I can’t find the song. :/

Matthew Dillion says:

and yet we are still alive. that says something about the level of danger involved with these ingredients used in these various foods. so yeah it may sound disgusting but we are still kicking. so i’m not worrying one bit.

Tiffany Shattler says:

Eh,Im Still Eating Shrimp,Greek Yogert,Hot Dogs,And Grated Cheese From The Packet.XD.I Had Literly Just Packaged Grated Cheese For Lunch And Dinner,Im Lazy XD

TheCrudeStorm says:

Doesn’t peanut butter have bug fragments in it?

EmoBannanaDude says:


Witsyyy says:

but I love shrimps ;_;

TyShaunn Brown says:


Joe Shafer says:


joe medina says:

Why you do this to me buzzfeedvideos?


what can we eat?

stonerguy40 says:

Nope just madee hungry x

Joe Killoran says:

Well, I guess no-one cares now the world’s evolving…

Blake Eric says:


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tomtenkiller says:

Naaaw you made me hungry again.

K Russell says:

Yes, there would be exactly zero lawsuits because the makers didn’t mention any specific brands. In which case, casts doubts on the credibility of these ‘facts’.

Sany Suny says:

I guess not many things can creep you out these days.

SevereDub says:

meh still fucking delicious

SquidofBaconator says:

I’ll still eat hot dogs

0789amartin says:

haha im still going to eat all of this! and feel amazing after

AppleEncore says:

Does anyone actually believe this? Do you know how many lawsuits there’d be if any one of these was NOT a lie?

Lily K says:

The hamburger thing is only in some hamburgers right?……right?

Evy O'Malley says:

The hot dog one was actually not as bad as i thought , a hot dog is basiclly all the left over part of the pig that wasnt used , ears , skin , toes , testicles , ANYTHING:) Hope i helped you out

CaptainCraphol3 says:

He is just try to scare you so you won’t eat

Dick Chappy says:


Mayra Nagase says:

Bought greek yogurt once. The last time.

kenshila says:

:I *glad to be vegetarian and to only eat fresh products*

Kyle Busta says:

Lol i know for a fact hotdogs arent mad like that cause we make them..

Chefbones2000 says:

not too bad

theviolist379 says:

You could go to reliable sites and read books.

Shang Ming says:

Meh rarely eat any of the stuff. Except for chicken which my mom buys organic. So yeah I got nothing to worry abt

Dylan Salisbury says:

A little

Selma T says:

that’s the reason I’m a vegetarian.

jonathan boström says:

not rly creeped out, i’m still hungry lol

REALhacksDAILY says:

Chickens are not fed arsenic to make their flesh pink but rather to improve feed efficiency and defend against parasites.

dimsonrichelle says:

thanks for inspecting my food

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