JAKE incredible hybrid human alligator creature

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JAKE incredible hybrid human alligator creature at Marsh’s Free Museum, Long Beach Washington.


mikaeschtube says:

Begins at 2:15 (before is waste of time)



flaviarenevey says:

stupid. Wasted 5 minutes of my life….

DLPRFilms says:


beardguy45 says:

32:55 what a noisy piano”””

cutiecookie23 says:

I been there.. I am part of his fan club and have a Jake sweatshirt! I believe.

Jake Sandlin says:

other way around

Jake Sandlin says:

oh its just a troll in a gift shop, i thought it would be rick roll

Johnathon Thompson says:

OK people for century culture have worshiped different gods and they obviously sewed a human body on to an alligator its just pottery

Madness Dj says:

jajaja cule mentira

Megan Macomber says:

Holy shit I was just in that shop yesterday o.o

Horgmo says:

tell that to my child.

robbo3166 says:

Very true. As a rule, interspecies breeding cannot happen, because of the difference in the chemical signals given off by the ovum’s of different species. For this reason we, as humans, even though we are almost genetically identical to apes, could never impregnate an ape. When it comes to animals such as Ligers, and Tigons these never happen in the wild and are exclusively the end result of human intervention, and as such, the males are almost always sterile and have a very short lifespan.

iB0NKERS says:

Crocodile Dundee had sex with an alligator and this was created. :]

rotweilerdc says:

Well their both fake.

MrKeyboardCommando says:

This is what people had to do before they invented Photoshop. Also, my God but that place sells some tat.

Gustaf Wismar says:

fuckin fake

Muhammed4ever says:

Peace be upon you
Thank you so much

kajsisen1 says:

Did the alligator rape the human or what?

thedragonkeeper98 says:

Cant u see? its justing beiber in his period

majda 4me2know says:

made in china

dsmith019 says:


N1Husker says:

I knew this was fake, the sign said to use the other door, you can’t read!

tvdvd3ify says:

hahah so fucking fake

digitalbeat666 says:

batman is real !

littlekitty19009 says:

If this moved I’d take a Cyber Gun out and I’d shoot it. Or I’d use JB To kill it’s ears, and then slowly creek up from behind and kill it.

Petia Summers says:

nope, Chuck Testa

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