Top Six Funniest Banned Commercials

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banq0o says:

“what’s the worst it could happen?!” xD

StonedRockz says:

And the first one turned into one greatly overused meme/joke :(

aksel trillo says:

poor kitty

HitomiAyumu says:

The skittles advert is probably fake?

MacTMilla says:

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kake5594 says:

im never eating skittles again

CptMole says:

The condom commercial was actually a true story…moral keep your condoms always in your car.

Samantha Lord says:

My eyes hurt

matthew AW says:

I was having skullcaps

GraceFaze44 says:

I-I-I-I don’t want to taste the rainbow now D:

Entity1037 says:

NO…. NO….. JUST NO………….,…

ManchesterUnited1071 says:

lol “shhh” ” “shhhhhhhhhhh”.

damonphelps96 says:

Poor kitten

joseph smith says:

What’s the song at the end

alqurtass says:

i think the first one was a porn director who did that add

seventy7times7 says:

Hay can you check out meh channel im puttin up funny vids on it of my lil bro plz

Shannon Reynolds says:

I know I about cried after I saw that.

Cunning Stunts says:


TrooperGyuri2 says:

You just went full retarded,never go full retarded…

TrooperGyuri2 says:

Me too,but the sad story is,that there are assholes like him out there…

seventy7times7 says:


Lemonguy76 says:

I hate the one with the kitten


ah, europe. having more fun than the us since ____(fill in the blank)

ufajlok1 says:

epic xd

Alexander Osborn says:

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TheDingGirl says:

Fuck the kitty. It deserved to die lol JFK

LoveUndConsequence says:

That condom one wasn’t.. I can see why it’s banned. :/

Dellani Hunters says:

Oh my gosh the last one!! Hahahahahaha lol XD thatts just so embarrassing!

SwankyKitteh82 says:

The Skittles thing was way over the top, but love them for doing it lol

lahmamamia says:

fuck the rainbow, taste the rainbow

ZeroPorcupine says:

:;( the kitty THE KITTY!!!!!

aneisa Campbell says:

so funny

partywithkitty says:

The cat part made me cry! That was just to far!

CardboardShroom says:

so tht were skittles “cum” from

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