Teens React to Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines

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Emily Kaufman says:

out of line

Shaylen721 says:

Great video!

WiscoNortherner says:

It’s a satire. It’s supposed to be overblown. That’s what he meant by making fun of it.

Aiden Sherman says:

the song was about how women are degraded. the women was in a relationship with a sexist guy and the song is in the perspective of her new boyfriend who says he respects her, knows she’s “far from plastic” and thinks that’s hot. The song was him making fun of the way pop-culture depicts women b y going completely over the top with it in his video

digthewarmth says:

I hate Blurred Lines. I’m glad to see this video and that some teens have sense.

SuperDuckAway13 says:


Meredith Smith says:

I like the beat of the song and everything but I don’t like the lyrics and definitely not the music video.

Nicole Chiappa says:

I love you guys, way to be mature and logical about things! 

Guitartan65 says:

Tool music video

demetrius hernandez says:

i love the song man

xoDNRProductionsxo says:

i mean vmas

Monique P says:


TheSkrufmaster says:

Songs in real life 😀

TheFineBros says:

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MichaelAdventures says:

if it was reversed where women were singing it and naked guys running around would it be discussed at all?
and if so would it be in a way where it is degrading of men?

twinsmominmn says:


SegaBros670 says:

god…its just a song guys…jesus..lol xD

does it matter? lol

aldec5baseball7 says:

I think that thicke was stupid for the comments he made, but i do think the video was meant to satire people who do see women that way. Meant to satire people who use women as objects. I wouldnt call it a “feminist movement” but i do think it doesnt necessarily deserve the hate its getting.

Elias Rafili says:

cause it’s catchy?!

mariela Oreskovic says:

have you seen the video where they switch the girls and boys? much much better and gets the point across that clearly this is all a fart fest. by the way, i am so happy to see so many smart teens in this video!

tamir khaslund says:


Vivian Lu says:

i’m really glad that these teens are smart enough to know when something is degrading women and other parties, and don’t go along and become part of the women-are-sex-objects mentality. i’m really impressed and happy, actually.

green thing says:

love this song

fireblok de beste says:


MsRose818 says:

This song is messed up in so many ways

whyneedacoolname says:

If it was a feminist movement… there should be more bigger woman in the video. Not just topless skinny chicks…

808naty says:

I love that song!!!

luvlifeandliveit says:

LOVE this song :) dont get the video though ._.;
but it annoys me all ‘feminists’ go OTT, prattling on saying its degrading. These women bloody chose to be in the video, i dont think they feel degraded tbh.

luvlifeandliveit says:

LOVE this song :) dont get the video though ._.;

kyle lombard says:

Hey hey hey

Shanice Lawrence says:

I love this song

Kelly Hagan says:

Smart teens :)

Rebeca Villalta says:

I love this song and your videos

goforth115 says:

My mom likes this song… sadly.. I don’t understand ether..

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