Moving Wound

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PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION! :) moving wound that I made in makeup school I would like to thank everyone who has watched this, commented, and liked it. I mad…


Luiz Bombardieri says:

Mais ahhh.
facebook- Bombardieri Luiz A.

thijs schipper says:

looks like a horse bite

SchizophrenicFrankie says:

I love horror make up! Brilliant!

Dash271104 says:

Woh how the hell did you do that?! Looks infected badly man, what happened after this? Did you lose the arm?

creepercastRpg says:


Marcky Tolentino says:

well…. i gues im on the wrong side of youtube agin

grummelameise says:

oh god i thought it to be real. glad it is not.

Abigail Schoorl says:

im on the wierd side of youtube again how did i get here from pewdiepie?

Ryan Sargent says:

That might be infected. Poor some peroxide on it and it should heal up just fine.

carrie skarda says:

its for a zombie costume they can also have a heart intestines ect its just fake

robyn grace says:

looks like something from doctor who

Jachiin Vercruysse says:

144p. Wow. Calculator timee?

lonewolfmysticshadow says:

Id be the one poking it with a pen.

Mr76051 says:

144p da fuck?

Jeffieboi says:

I’m not going to lie….I’m very relieved. What I saw in the thumbnail was absolutely disgusting. I clicked on the video because I felt like challenging myself. I’m just so glad it was fake.

ilovetohavelonglogin says:

Its ok i wasnt hungry anyways

dreakheart says:

fake nicely made but clearly fake

Craig Boone says:

It’s rainbow bunjis evil brother :O

Zac Jarraf says:

looks like a mutated thing about to hatch and spreed across he world

pewpewudead23 says:

Hes just having a baby hes fine they r just being dramatic

lyugiang says:

very good job

R3AP3R130Y says:

240p we meet again

d3athsyndrome says:

im done…. good bye

jims nacaya says:


italhennemanne says:

Wtf!!!! o_O

judithvaldivielso says:


Ido. Rambaldo. says:


Sexxy Shabs says:

WTF……how did I get here?

lisagarnica54 says:

That’s sick as fuck

TheAtomicVapor says:

I’m in that weird part of youtube again….

mrbobtheburger says:

How did I get here?



Rokada89 says:


Hotsexyredhead22 says:

Yea dat shits faker than a 30 dollar bill lol that’s movie makeup bull shit

thejamaicol power says:


Ian Priest says:

bllllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggghghghghghgghghhhghghghghghghghghghghghghg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….urgh sorry, sorry.

Lydia Eliz says:

I think you should go see a doctor. That looks pretty bad

Misse Mugler says:

do you think what i think???

hell yea. it must be a werewolf bite and this guy is a vampire xD *vampire diaries*

riley pacello says:


Norman Edwards says:

looks like some parasite off resident evil jst waiting to burst out of him

sirspsparkly Brown says:

he looks ok to me

occasionalDrifter says:

I was watching kittens… WTFreak am I doing here?!

sheila jeffery says:

What is that?

FunMinecraftTime says:

good creation even in makeup class

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