Drifting Motorbike – Drift Gymkhana – Jorian Ponomareff

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My Facebook Here : www.facebook.com www.jorian-ponomareff.com Production/rider/montage: Jorian Ponomareff Assistant Prod: Jerome Durand Camera: Jerome, Chris, Camille, R@ph Musiques de Parano BeatMaker sa chaine ici: www.youtube.com Merci a Loïck Bichon pour m’avoir fait découvrir Parano ! au TOP Avec la participation de Anaïs Panizzi, GRAND merci à elle :) Remerciements: TnT News / www.tnt-news.com Freegun www.freegun.fr Sartso Jeans www.sartso.com Scorpion Europe / www.scorpionsports.eu Gopro Hero / www.gopro.com 100p Coton www.100pcoton.com et tous les gens qui me soutiennent…Merci…


haddadydad says:

U think they could of afford a girl with an ass… lol

simon larsen says:

I love u (no gay)

1977callummoo says:

hahaha i only wached this becouse the ass shot is fetured on nutts.com lolol

Punto Fotovoltaico says:

sti kazziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

danish4games says:

Me Too

TheSuperCosmin says:

I don’t always write comments but when i do they are the samee with the one on the top.

crysis90war says:

much better than porn xD

oris8085 says:

Can i know what jeans the driver use.very nice.

motherfuckingslut says:

what bike is this ?

TheDJDani1997 says:

accident because of sexy ass :’-D

aziz khan says:

oh fuck.. the worse thing when she turns into life , every thing goes wrong

SwagHeartAttackTV says:

Very nice video!!!
Please check out these guys too: /watch?v=q-p-4bA6NTc

627257stingray says:


xvpower says:

I have this urge to play Crysis for some reason.

insidestar2 says:

which one do you mean?? oO

phuquyinternation says:

qua’ dang cap

3lacktop3andit says:

Lmfao I was going to comment about the cones too

crazy71chevy says:

Now the real question is ware did they get all those pylons ?

vtjkychan says:

I would like to know the last song

neery794 says:

Mira culos nomas jaja, que maestro que sos loco

aviavi1996 says:

2:44 dame his good

li53701 says:

Se o cara é show? nem brinca.

16ats says:

..and you encouraged me.. well fuck it

123artico says:

very nice

IIItirlits says:


TheDCShoes4ever says:

Respect from Serbia . And btw. music name please ? :)

rudierustik says:


TheXcuTionerX says:

Kacang je niee :)

robotic2000k says:

Hey! I do that @ 1:48 all the time, I MUST BE PRO! 😀


How dare you steal the c from crysis 2 !!!! ..!..

giáp nguyễn says:


shashure says:

malay in my country like this kind of stuff, but they always ended up dying on the road

keith jackson says:

what bike is that?

IgamesxX says:

SO creative!! good job

andywell2009 says:


random4922 says:

so im guessin DAT ASS

giannis agiannis says:

827 grandmothers push dislike.

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