KO with the first punch

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MFSmusicchannel says:

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staticxmachina says:

shmohammad23 OK. make sure you get video of the fail. might want a cut scan after cuz duded dome bounced like a ball of rubber bands.

goldbullet50 says:

Imagine how boring it is… Train for months, then when the big night comes, finish the fight with one hit…

shmohammad23 says:

What a pussy i couldve taken that

SweetCeej says:

@Azza Channel, stop lying if you see that guy you wouldn’t got the light brown dude you’d say the BLACK DUDE and you can’t say all samoans are light brown you ignorant fuck. Just admit it, if someone isn’t white then they’re always referred to as black. But when the situation is calm race and ethnicity always comes into it but when a situation is heated he is still a black man. Don’t kid yourself

Azza Channel says:

Samoan is light brown, they’re a race of Polynesian people from Samoa, funny i am a dumb ass Australian and know that.  and he does not look black, he looks bronze tan before black.

SweetCeej says:

@mobydoug, well the nigga aint white is he? SO HE BLACK. You don’t go what is the colour of your skin, it looks black well actually it’s Samoan black isn’t a race you dipshit

imejoehiyalol says:

still didnt prove anything, and im the pedantic cunt? why are you here again?

GeneLattanzi says:

Happened so fast, the camera person couldn’t even catch it properly.

Snooch1984 says:

Names for things change, what is important is what was meant. Everyone understands what was meant, even you probably got it instantly but you cant let a technical fault pass. Being a pedantic cunt doesn’t prove anything. Go fuck yourself. Happy now.

VoDkA Hellspawn says:


ikweetbeter says:

Drago was all day in the tanning salon…

ikweetbeter says:

guy on the right looks like ray sefo

sam sam says:

Bogan vs samoan

fundude1996 says:

Boom, sit down!

MrPenisSandwich says:

Wow what a man, didn’t even gloat after the victorious falcon punch. Hats off to him.

imejoehiyalol says:

so are you saying that their ethnicity isn’t polynesian?

imejoehiyalol says:

fine i will take you up on your bet, prove it then

lazurm says:

This has to be the shortest pro fight in history…right?

Snooch1984 says:

I bet they would say Samoan

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Tkdbigsteven says:

was that guy ok after?

imejoehiyalol says:

and im pretty sure that samoans are just people from the samoan islands and if they are who you are talking about, their ethnicity is actually polynesian

shaykidd86 says:

That was crazyyyyy

imejoehiyalol says:

call me what you want but to say black is an ethnicity is wrong, you can have the same shade of skin as somebody from a different country

dopey2k says:

He got hit in a very sensetive spot.. Dont go for the face go for that spot

nineteentillidie says:

omg. im actually shaking. i always wanted to be a boxer, but this is terrifying. what a hulk!

Glacielfire says:

How much for a ticket?

Cumulus818 says:


Woofspl says:

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ruchittenme says:


Snooch1984 says:

Samoan is an ethnicity as well and taken in the context of that sentence! it clearly wasn’t racist, but you are just being a pedantic arse. Problem is you didn’t make sure what you were saying wasn’t bullshit. Fail. Back in your cave with you. Troll.

imejoehiyalol says:

to say he is a certain colour because of what country he is from sounds pretty racist to me

CrayCrayBoi says:

lol I loved how he thought he was still fighting while he was on the ground

poopyhead423 says:

Dragos punchs while on the ground were powerful

zwem6 says:

Drago got knocked the fuck out!!!

Nicecardude100 says:


ryry0919 says:

i saw this fight live on usa network tuesday night fights

DrFudgyTV says:

shit haha

ectyka says:

@George Foreman what?! Bahahaha!!! That doesn’t even make sense! XD

dariuswhite77 says:


darealist1011 says:

he wasnt about that life

Pierre Peterson says:


zootedsuit says:


Richard Taylor says:


George Foreman says:

Jimmy Thunder is my daddies mom on his great uncles side.

KevinRstp says:

isnt that ray sefo ?

16davelle says:

perfectly landed punch,twist that neck,pinch that nerve and it’s goodnite honey

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