Hill Climb Havoc

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Hill climb crashes from 2004. If you like this clip try the entire film. www.almostfamousvideo.com


175yam1 says:

madness ,but cool

175yam1 says:

madness ,but cool

ZabijakRiskooooo999 says:

cause iphone suck…

BadAssDownUnder101 says:

those guys would have more luck on a normal bike lol

epiclaugh420 says:

1:30… out cold

Shy Growh says:

damit kann halt kein schwein fahrn…

metalmalicha says:

song name please!!

RetroPulsee says:

the guy in the yellow vest at 1:22 is the true champion of the day.goes to help him but falls worse than the guy he’s tryin to save

smjaker says:

thats gonna hurt tomorrow morning

merlinking1a says:

1:18 fail

mag2druga says:

1:26 ништяк стартанул)

Heather Walker says:

1:18 LOL!!!

David Bielski says:

For me watching this on my iPhone, yea, I feel like my vision “is only this wide” 😀 HAHA

ragge270 says:

lol me to it’s epic xD

999yurik666 says:

сомнительный вид спорта.
п.с. привет sti-club =)

Tekzoned says:

HAHA laughing my swedish ass off!

PennaPlanum says:

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Brett Slezak says:

your name is FUCKING “cummins529″! dafuq u calling rednecks???

cummins529 says:

you all a bounch of redneck hillbilles

hazim hayazi says:

dirtbike go to Superbike 1:37

nitroglycerin77 says:

LOL same with me

systemofadumb1 says:

those hills would be so much easier to do with regular dirt bikes.

charles lane says:

It’s like trying to ride an aluminum ladder with over a hundred horsepower! Good work,

MrHondaorren96 says:

1:28 mmkay

nevind52 says:

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