Amazing 11 year old athlete

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“The kid you’re about to see just turned 11, and his talents will blow you away”.


tawawatawawa2 says:

you have point…yepp its true

f1nsk1pojk1 says:

asian in the end: WAAAO dats naaffing aj do dat wit wan leg

kalledk21 says:

Why is black people always so damn awesome >:(

EhtaZUGGE says:

If that boy keeps doing all that muscle training he wont grow long enough to compete as a professional that’s why the age recommendation for building muscle strength is 16, cause by then you’re usually developed enough when it comes to height.

MW2B3AST6 says:

I’ll see you in the NBA

sweetruos says:

I’m sure this kid loves being called a “freak of nature” haha! 😛

96Mranderson says:

Haha it’s amazing the boy has “two balls between the legs”

Belle Serrano says:

O.O woah

mbfhk98 says:

“Two balls between the legs”

squidly11600 says:

i can do that and im 11

Avet Mitoyants says:

i know who this is hes michael jordan

aloefgren says:

remembers me of this guy: /watch?v=emHiby0kICo
future major winner

Mohloding Mabapa says:

kid can be the best ever point guard in the NBA of all times when he finishs school wanna see him in the NBA number one Draft pick right there

evvync says:

Karate kid???

ParanormalGamingpg says:


JayZilla25 says:

Well he is a freshman in High School now and he is 5 foot 7 and still growing. He has already received letters from several D1 schools…UCLA, Arizona, University of Detroit, etc…

ReconAndHavoc says:

Like in swimming, tennis, soccer and hockey? Ridiculous comment

xDeFeNSe69 says:

Next Allen iverson lol

MyMrgamerdude says:

Even 2 balls between the legs!!!!!!

devil4244 says:

2 balls, 2 balls. 2 balls, 2 balls everywhere

loveofkemet says:

Yeah, lets hope this badboy doesnt end up penetrating your sister one day

loveofkemet says:

Oh do behave!! He has enchanced hand-eye coordination and his lungs efficiently intake oxygen – what is BLACK about that??
This could easily have been a white kid. Why is EVERYTHING a race issue these days?

supafastkidd says:

send a video of you running then…i know you wont cause u cant do it!!

Revoltingsheeple says:

I love that comment so much that, I don’t even know where to begin.

Stanwoody says:

lets hope he doesn’t top out at 5′ 2″. When is this kid doing his home work? Sure he is a natural athlete, but a knee injury could have him juggling at a flea market for a living. For those, saying that his talent is due to his race, remember that Black is the mother race. It is the deep end of the gene pool. Black people are not superior. It is just that a superior person is more likely to be Black.

XDSmileyWorldXD says:

omg when i see this i realised how untalented i am q.q

zombiesgeek says:

since ive been in year 8 i dont give a s**t about running anymore i focus on learning!!!

zombiesgeek says:

Dud im only 14 nw if u dont believe me then you dont have to, u nvr seen how i run, there would be more people like that in the world and when i was 11 i used to own everyone is a race like by 35 meters in a 100 meters race and the person who came second in the 800 meters got a slow time btw i beat everyone by like 300 meters. you havent seen me run before so shut up!

mfrangipane1 says:

little freak of nature.. gifted ? hes black, thats what he is hes black, and hes gonna be gross at ball as he grows up, because hes black..

Diekuhsagtmuh00 says:

Typical Nig Kid

kirstenco1 says:

XD he keep saying 2 balls round between the legs

Lionell Garrison says:

fake he is a 20 year old short ass

worldistiva says:

4:50 bull sh*t

crazycheerios12345 says:

4:50 mile is what i ran my sophomore year O.o dang

theepicsas141 says:

Beast kid

VantisTV says:

Pierdolony :D

supafastkidd says:

how old are you now…,and you never did it cause you would of been some type of extreme athlete right now…and we would of already knew your name..

josh wade says:

most of its true but the running a mile in 4:50 that is a joke the rest is true

Hans Peter says:

Karate Kid?
Is that you?

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